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Safeya Mounir's Articles
Safeya Mounir finds out how Egypt’s tourism industry is capitalising on this month’s Africa Cup of Nations football tournament

The US dollar has been depreciating against the Egyptian pound since January, with experts unsure that such moves can continue

Egypt is making innovative moves to promote tourism, including by partnering with CNN and co-producing an Italian documentary series on its archaeological treasures

Preparations are underway to sell shares in the state-owned bank Banque du Caire in the expectation that this will energise the stock market, reports Safeya Mounir

The government’s implementation of its economic reform programme has earned it a favourable fourth review by the IMF,

Safeya Mounir sounds out experts on figures in the preliminary 2019-20 budget

The government has kicked off its privatisation programme of selected public-sector companies

What will it take for Egypt’s real-estate market to recover from current setbacks

The effects of the “Let it Rust” boycott campaign have been ricocheting across the Egyptian vehicles market

Trade between Egypt and African states is not proportionate to the size of the African market, Safeya Mounir sheds light on the prospects of trade treaties and Egypt’s efforts to boost economic relations with the continent

A new law introducing an amnesty on building violations has been stirring up controversy in Egypt

A social-media campaign against high car prices has been causing ripples in the Egyptian market

The government’s initial public offerings programme to privatise selected public-sector companies may be launched soon

The introduction of the new national e-payment card Meeza is the latest government initiative to reduce the country’s dependency on cash

The surge in tourism to Egypt this year was propelled by improvements to the sector, but more still needs to be done

Safeya Mounir examines the effects of increases in the customs dollar exchange rate on consumer prices

The number of children benefiting from Egypt’s cash-subsidies programme will be limited to two to finance a larger number of families

The government has a strategy to improve the country’s economic indices, but experts say it may be a tad too optimistic

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