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The surge in tourism to Egypt this year was propelled by improvements to the sector, but more still needs to be done

Safeya Mounir examines the effects of increases in the customs dollar exchange rate on consumer prices

The number of children benefiting from Egypt’s cash-subsidies programme will be limited to two to finance a larger number of families

The government has a strategy to improve the country’s economic indices, but experts say it may be a tad too optimistic

Franchises are playing a more and more important role in the Egyptian economy

Egypt’s presence at the World Travel Market in London this week was part of a strategy to promote the country as a premium tourist destination

Fluctuations in international markets mean the present may not be the best time to offer shares in Egyptian public companies experts explain

New moves to promote Egypt’s tourist destinations, with London’s World Travel Market in November being the first real test of the campaigns

Increasing locally manufactured inputs is the focus of the government’s newly launched development strategy

Egypt’s real-estate sector is not experiencing uncontrolled growth, but more regulation is still needed, experts say

The National Cement Company may soon be forced to exit the public sector after damning reports on its performance

Are Egyptian government debt instruments becoming less appealing to foreign investors

Multiple trade agreements signed between China and Egypt during President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s visit to Beijing have made economic relations between the two countries ever brighter

Gold, real estate or bank certificates? What are the best investment vehicles for private investors?

The Ministry of Housing is moving into the luxury housing market, pushing up the prices of public-sector housing units and leaving the private sector in disarray

A further increase in the price of gas canisters is a serious matter for those depending on them

Import tariffs on European cars are to be eliminated, but this is unlikely to lead to cheaper prices for consumers

A new law will soon be ratified to increase transparency and decrease corruption in government transactions

Safeya Mounir gauges interest in Aman life insurance seven weeks after its introduction

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