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As the fight against Islamic State weaves back and forth in Iraq, the question has arisen of whether the terrorist group is becoming a much-needed perpetual enemy

The archives of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein were among the spoils of the US-led invasion of the country in 2003 and are now being used to re-write Iraq’s history from abroad

Visa restrictions and travel bans are costing Western nations political, cultural and humanitarian ties with the Arab world

As the crisis over the country’s election results persists, Iraqis are preparing for protracted turmoil and probably violence

Signs of systemic fraud cast doubts on Iraq’s votes, so what the world must do now

In the lead-up to the formation of a new government in Iraq, rising Shia leader Muqtada Al-Sadr may be preparing to change the country’s politics

Washington had bet on a friendly government in Baghdad following the May elections in Iraq, but the gamble may backfire

Iraq’s factions are poised for a prolonged political stalemate ahead of forming a new government following indecisive parliamentary elections

Fifteen years after the ouster of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is still falling short of being a working democracy

Can a US-led alliance in eastern Syria put a brake on Iran’s plans to create a land corridor to the Mediterranean

Iraq’s oil sector is the main source of the country’s income and its many woes, with some now mulling over its privatisation

The timing of the US-led air strikes on Syria could not have been worse for Iraq, presenting it with the dilemma of whether the conflict could slide beyond the point of no return

The Iraqi government’s triumph over the Islamic State group has been coming in for closer scrutiny

Iran-backed militias are likely to make big gains in Iraq’s upcoming elections, shaking up the country’s politics

Washington is putting its money on Haidar Al-Abadi as Iraq’s next prime minister despite the rocky road ahead

The continuing presence of US troops on Iraqi soil is growing more and more controversial

In big ways and small Iran is facing resistance to its presence in Iraq

Many countries are sounding the alarm over Islamic State’s leftovers, but the Western nations seem divided over how to deal with them

The business of conflict is common practice, and nowhere are business interests trying to get rich from civil wars more than in Iraq

US President Donald Trump has taken the credit for taking down the Islamic State group in key Iraqi cities, but the US strategy in the beleaguered country is still unclear

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