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Salah Nasrawi's Articles
Iraq’s frustrated Arab Sunni are striving to find ways out of their crisis by looking to Shia Iran, but that could be a strategic muddle

Once said to be rivers from paradise, the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers are now awash with poison, highlighting Iraq’s worsening environmental woes

The US wants Iraq’s Shia militias to be eliminated, but that could be a bitter pill for its new government to swallow

The empowerment of women was a core policy of the post-Saddam era in Iraq, but systemic failures have prevented Iraqi women’s full participation in society

Iraq may have a new government, but its ministers are not the ones who are really calling the shots

Although it cost Iraq one million people dead, disabled, widowed or orphaned, and huge destruction to the country as a whole, many Iraqis do not remember the war with Iran

The Shia-Sunni divide remains the greatest challenge that faces Iraq despite the rhetoric that a new government might bring sectarianism to an end

Iraq’s outgoing prime minister has gone from being the man who could save Iraq to one mired in ever-deeper controversy

Iraq’s rise to the challenge of the US escalation with Iran will be largely shaped by the country’s domestic tensions

Behind the uprising that has roiled Iraq’s southern port city of Basra lies a clash of local, regional and international interests

The government crisis in Iraq has exposed a newly assertive US policy towards the country, but the approach seems to be on autopilot

A Canadian-Saudi row has triggered a diplomatic feud, sanctions and an old debate on the politics of human rights

Iraq’s anti-government Shia protests underline a bigger problem than just political turmoil and public frustration

As the fight against Islamic State weaves back and forth in Iraq, the question has arisen of whether the terrorist group is becoming a much-needed perpetual enemy

The archives of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein were among the spoils of the US-led invasion of the country in 2003 and are now being used to re-write Iraq’s history from abroad

Visa restrictions and travel bans are costing Western nations political, cultural and humanitarian ties with the Arab world

As the crisis over the country’s election results persists, Iraqis are preparing for protracted turmoil and probably violence

Signs of systemic fraud cast doubts on Iraq’s votes, so what the world must do now

In the lead-up to the formation of a new government in Iraq, rising Shia leader Muqtada Al-Sadr may be preparing to change the country’s politics

Washington had bet on a friendly government in Baghdad following the May elections in Iraq, but the gamble may backfire

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