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Salah Nasrawi's Articles
Washington is putting its money on Haidar Al-Abadi as Iraq’s next prime minister despite the rocky road ahead

The continuing presence of US troops on Iraqi soil is growing more and more controversial

In big ways and small Iran is facing resistance to its presence in Iraq

Many countries are sounding the alarm over Islamic State’s leftovers, but the Western nations seem divided over how to deal with them

The business of conflict is common practice, and nowhere are business interests trying to get rich from civil wars more than in Iraq

US President Donald Trump has taken the credit for taking down the Islamic State group in key Iraqi cities, but the US strategy in the beleaguered country is still unclear

Iraq’s water crisis is intensifying as Turkish dams curb water flows to the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers

Iraq is heading towards further bitter elections that could have the potential to scupper national rebuilding

Iraq faces the tricky business of rebuilding cities crippled by the war against the Islamic State terror group

A UN-sponsored reconciliation plan may allow Saddam Hussein loyalists to make a comeback in Iraq

Despite a decisive victory over IS and the blocking of the secession of Kurdistan, Iraq’s future remains in doubt

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