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Al-Ahram Weekly’s 30th anniversary comes at an important time for Egypt and the region and during a period of disruption in the newspaper industry, but the paper remains faithful to its goals

After years of trying to assert themselves in Middle East politics, Shia Arabs seem divided over Iran’s surging influence in the region

How news of the battle against Islamic State terror group can be confusing or even distorted amid chaos in Iraq

If Iraq fails to break the political logjam in the country in 2021, its future will be left hanging in the balance

Ten years after the Arab Spring much has changed in the Middle East, but a painful era of transition still resonates in the region

With Trump gone, Iran has an opportunity to cool its behaviour and reduce its games of regional influence

Facing crucial vote next year, Iraq’s Shia political groups are aggressively jockeying for power, targeting pro-reform protesters

Barack Obama’s fresh dusting down of his White House years reopens a decade-old debate about his controversial Middle Eastern legacy

Opening Saddam’s secret files will unlock Iraq’s divisive and painful past

A finance reform blueprint is trumpeted by Iraq’s PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, but his government seems too weak to deliver

The debate over the brutal killing of teacher Samuel Paty in France has showed that we need better ways to talk about “radical Islamism”, writes Salah Nasrawi

A year after the massive protests in Iraq led by young people hoping for a better life in a better country, change remains elusive

As the conflict rages in Nagorno-Karabakh, the question of belonging rises to the fore among Middle East nations

Unless he is able to transform rhetoric about reform into meaningful change, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will not be able to unblock his country’s future

The US, its allies and the Taliban may finally reach a deal in Afghanistan, but what would that mean for the rest of the region, asks Salah Nasrawi

Can Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani live up to the high expectations he has created in backing Iraq’s reform-minded prime minister?

With the Arab-Israeli normalisation train on track, the illusion that Israel could give up land for peace has finally come to an end

Macron is taking the lead on the world stage, but his foray into the Middle East has raised questions about the limits of his strategy

Iran may now have won the war with Iraq it lost on the battlefield four decades ago, but it is unlikely to be able to keep the victory for long

Whether four more years of Trump or Biden, Arabs should better be prepared to grapple with a new regional order emerging

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