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The Saudi crisis has given Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan many winning cards in his personal quest to establish a regional power base

In the end, Erdogan caved in, releasing a US detainee he demonised without restraint. Now, he may find Washington soon pressing other demands

Once again, Turkey’s president proves that pragmatism to maintain power is his baseline

The Turkish lira has fallen dramatically in value in the last year, the downward slide appearing far from over

After months of Ankara and Washington heading to the brink of collision, some signs are emerging of a softening of positions on both sides

Erdogan had hoped for some congratulatory words from Washington when he won the recent presidential elections. It was not to be

Widespread scepticism has greeted the results of last week’s Turkish elections, despite the euphoria of Erdogan supporters in the region

Opposition parties in Turkey are on edge, wondering just how far Erdogan will go to retain power, before and after this month’s snap elections

Talk of foreign conspiracies runs parallel to missives of conciliation in Turkey’s foreign relations ahead of crucial snap elections 24 June

Turkey’s Erdogan is using every possible opportunity to enhance his standing ahead of June’s elections, though events out of his hands could challenge his presidency

The 37th edition of Istanbul Film Festival took place between 6 and 17 April

The Turkish authorities have been trying to silence French criticisms of Ankara’s military operations in the northern Syrian region of Afrin

With practically no allies left, Erdogan is pushing forward with Turkey’s intervention in Northern Syria, spurring censure from Tehran, writes

To hear Turkish officials in recent days and weeks, one would have thought that Ankara and Washington would finally part ways

Turkey’s drive to control Syria’s Afrin might lead US ties to their breaking point

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