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Trade deficit falls 22.5 percent in July compared to the same month in 2013

Egypt's president asks for project to place country at centre of regional grade trade to be completed in two years, at LE15 billion cost

Suez Canal revenues are up year-on-year but have dipped 8% since August

Egypt is seeking investment in a plan to built storage silos, cargo platforms and manufacturing spaces for grain and seed products

Tariffs on steel imports will be imposed for 200 days while government investigates permanent solution

Egypt issues citizen's budget to improve transparency for the first time in four years

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Tourism sector signals possible recovery as hopes for political stability on the rise

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Sales of certificates to fund Suez Canal extension reap a total of LE64 billion, with 82 percent of buyers individuals

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Private investments to drive growth rate to 3.5% this fiscal year as the state streamlines budget, says Investment Minister

Loans will help fund development of petroleum refinery and first phase of redevelopment work at Sharm El-Sheikh airport

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Egypt has emerged as a mediator in a dispute between World Trade Organisation members and India over last year's trade facilitation agreement signed in Indonesia

Acquisition of Sphinx Glass is part of CPC's expansion in the MENA region and Qalaa's sell-off of non-core projects

Financial regulator says share scheme for new waterway is invalid and that the project hasn't yet applied for an initial public offering (IPO)

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Government hopes to cut waste and state-spending on wheat by rationing bread and diversifying subsidised commodities available to poor

Held in Cairo, the conference was attended by the International Finance Corporation and MasterCard

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Also included in a new draft law written by the Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) is a 10 percent commission on annual production

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Corruption watchdogs calls on Egypt's presidential candidates to commit to confronting corruption, deemed widespread in the country

People are less optimistic about the future of Egypt's economy and their own living standards, as the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) falls by nearly 1 percent

New investment law might invalidate a case which annulled the contract between a gold producer and the Egyptian government in 2012

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