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In contrast to the sound and hubbub of Sabahi's campaign in the coastal city, El-Sisi's campaign is quiet and reserved, but appears to capture the loyalties of locals who struggle with daily life

Egypt's industrial heartland sees relative calm after three tumultuous weeks in run-up to vote on divisive post-uprising national charter

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The perceived gains won by the Egyptian workers and independent trade unionists in the wake of the 18-day uprising have given way to stark realities under the military junta's 'counter-revolutionary' rule

Security forces are expelled from the square by anti-SCAF protesters following two days of battles that many are calling the '19th and 20th days' of Egypt's ongoing revolution

Facing increasingly punitive measures from the Turkish-owned company, the young workers are now fighting for the freedom of seven of their colleagues

Thursday morning witnessed several protests by discontented public-sector workers as Egypt's labour movement vows to up the ante

In which our man who sleeps in Tahrir walks a few miles with the protesters only to find themselves in an ambush set by the army

In which our man in Tahrir sees resistance root the sit-in to the square

In which Yassin Gaber sees talk and preparation for Friday protests

Ahram Online's Yassin Gaber, who has been spending his nights in Tahrir since the Friday of Determination, describes the third night and day of the sit-in in the second installment of his daily series

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The largest government building in Egypt has been shut down by protesters chanting ant-military and pro-martyrs' rights slogans, as civil servants and public are turned back

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After a day-long nationwide strike, the PM promises to increase Egypt’s health care budget, temporarily halting the medics’ strike and offering hope that demands may soon be met

After hours of peaceful May Day celebrations, the evening's main events were cut short after dozens stormed the main stage

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Egyptians today join together in Tahrir Square to observe May Day as workers who plan to celebrate their new found union freedoms continue to demand social justice

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Popular Committees for the Defence of the Revolution held their first conference in Tahrir today in the country's first attempt at creating a local base for political action

Ahram Online met the mother of Egyptian-American engineer Mohamed Radwan, currently detained in Syria without charge

In the fifth session of the "Know your role" seminar series, Egypt's Youth Revolution Coalition speak on their past, present and future role in the changing political landscape

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Trade unionists protesting the Suez Group for Cement's policy on profit sharing are denied entry into the company's annual general assembly as thugs brutally descend on their delegation

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