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Candidates, campaigns, polls...Ahram Online has rounded up the key info on the March election

The only state-owned cement company in Egypt is hit by a financial crisis and striking workers

This report, which was first published in February 2017, examines the roots of the two terrorist organizations which carried out deadly attacks against the Egyptian security forces in the last four years

Organisers say the cat show, which began in 2011, is getting bigger each year

The workers say they will continue their strike inside the factory until all their demands are met

A new initiative that pays cash for your sorted recycling may be putting Cairo's average garbage collectors out of business. Project founders contend that everyone can benefit from the new way of doing business

The decision comes following Wednesday meetings with Egypt's prime minister and speaker of parliament in which the two promised to study the demands of Egyptian-Nubian activists

Heading to the North Coast's Sidi Abdel-Rahman this Eid vacation but clueless about where to go after spending the day at the beach? Ahram Online has a few suggestions

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Although the game has not been officially released in Egypt, Egyptian users have used hacks to download the app, which has been spreading like wildfire among young gamers

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