The 8 July 'Friday of anger' to side-step the consitiution first debate

Ahram Online , Thursday 23 Jun 2011

The million man march planned for 8 July will focus on protecting the revolution from 'dispersion and loss' rather than raising the 'constitution first' call which the Facebook group believes might divide protesters

The Constitution first
Egyptian protesters sit by a banner that reads in Arabic "The Constitution first" (Photo by May Shaheen)

A Facebook page calling for a million man march and an open sit-in on 8 July announced today that the protest will not demand that the Egyptian constitution be written before parliamentary elections.

“The 'constitution first' option is no longer our main demand, as we believe that the most important thing is for all the revolutionary forces to unite and protect the revolution against dispersion and loss," says the statement published by 'Egypt's second anger revolution' Facebook page. The page succeeded galvanising protesters for the so-called “second day of anger” on 27 May despite the boycott of Islamist groups spearheaded by the Muslim Brotherhood. This time they are calling for an open sit-in.

The statement stressed that the group did not abandon its position that the constitution should come before the elections but thinks that it is more important now for all political forces to put their differences aside and defend the major economic, social and political demands that have, as yet, been left unfulfilled.

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