Naglaa Arafa

Economic resilience: Adjusting to the new normal

Egypt has the time and budget needed to move forward with the structural reform of the economy, as well as to strengthen its economic resilience, writes Naglaa Arafa

Khaled Sakr

The IMF agenda: Reflections on economic and geopolitical dynamics

How can high-income and developing countries alike become more effective in implementing the IMF Spring Agenda to successfully address global and national economic challenges, asks Khaled Sakr

Stolen Ramses II statue head returns to Egypt

A 3,400-year-old head from a statue of King Ramses II, stolen and smuggled out of Egypt, has finally returned home this week from Switzerland.


Mohamed Ali royal family's silver bed safe and sound at Manial Museum: Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities

The silver bed of Amina Hanem Elhamy, the mother of Khedive Abbas Helmy II is safe and sound at the Manial Palace Museum and was not disappeared as rumoured on social media earlier Saturday, Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities announced.


In Photos: Egyptian artefacts in 2nd Africa & Byzantium exhibition at Cleveland Museum of Art

Egyptian artefacts will be displayed as part of the Africa & Byzantium exhibition on its second stop in the US on Sunday at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio.


Egypt celebrates World Heritage Day with exhibitions and workshops across the country

Under the theme "Disaster and Conflict Resilient Heritage - Preparedness, Response, and Recovery," countries worldwide commemorate the International Day for Monuments and Sites (IDMS), commonly known as World Heritage Day.


Minarets and Domes photo exhibition celebrates Cairo’s skyline

The Minarets and Domes photo exhibition was held at the Prince Taz Palace in Historic Cairo this week, showcasing the distinctive architectural feature that gives Cairo the nickname of “the city of a thousand minarets.”


Ramadan Icons: Meet Shwicar Khalifa - The woman behind the glamorous effects of Ramadan Fawazir

Shwicar Khalifa’s glamorous art effects and cartoon animation helped give the televised Ramadan Fawazir (Ramadan Riddles) their enduring charm between 1977 and 1990.


The 5 Sundays and their significance in the Coptic church

Today marks the first of five Sundays over March and April with great significance in the Coptic Orthodox Church.


Ramadan Icons: Meet the legendary Amou Fouad

This year would have been the 100 birthday of the master, the king of Comedy, the legend Fouad Al-Mohandes.


Get better sleep with these 5 tips from experts

Spending too many nights trying to fall asleep — or worrying there aren’t enough ZZZs in your day? You’re not alone.


In Photos: Alexandria's German School of the Borroma Sisters marks 140 years of establishment

On the occasion of celebrating the 140th anniversary of the founding of the German School of the Sisters of Saint Charles of Borroma in Alexandria (DSBA), a large ceremony was organized on 21 April in Alexandria in the presence of high-ranking officials, church leaders, and diplomats.


WHO Clarifies Terminology For Air-transmitted Pathogens

The World Health Organization announced a new, catch-all terminology for pathogens that transmit through the air, erasing a distinction that caused dangerous confusion during the Covid pandemic.


‘Staggering’ number of workers facing climate change-induced health hazards: UN

A large majority of workers worldwide are facing a cocktail of health hazards linked to climate change, the United Nations said on April 22, warning that existing regulations offered inadequate protection.

Al-Moussiqa Walgheina’ fi Felestine Qabl 1948 Wabaadaha (Music and Songs in Palestine Before and After 1948) is a book that is thoroughly about art as it is fully about politics.

It has been a few months since author and food blogger Heba Abdel-Alim celebrated the launch of her first novel, El-Hayat Le-Serial Maha Tawfik (The Secret Life of Maha Tawfik).

In his novel Al-Hay Al-Sabie (Neighbourhood Seven), the writer Naïm Sabry tells the story of a group of friends who left Egypt for Libya after the debacle of 1967. Five years later, they return to discover that nothing is as before.

Al-Dawah Al-Ismailia fi Masr (The Ismaili Sect in Egypt) offers a comprehensive understanding of one of the most controversial orders in Shia Islam that gained attention this month with the screening of the soap opera Al-Hashashin (The Assassins).