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Mixed treatment for Brotherhood in Alexandria

In Mina Al-Bassal, things seem to be going ok for the Muslim Brothers, so far

The Mubaraks cast their ballots

The First family cast their votes at their neighbourhood voting station this morning

Son of Egypt election candidate stabbed to death

The son of an independent candidate in Egypt's parliamentary election was stabbed to death on the eve of the vote as he was putting up posters of his father in Cairo

Fast food dramas on elections day

Who eats lunch from where is a sensitive issue on elections day

Brotherhood faces day of reckoning

Tomorrow’s parliamentary elections are expected to be among the fiercest in Egypt’s modern history

No fraud in elections, says opposition candidate Rashwan

Fraud is not an option in these elections, says Diaa Rashwan, political analyst and leftist Tagammu candidate for the Upper Egypt constituency of Armant

Voting for the absent candidate

In some constituencies in Egypt's legislative elections, the favoured candidate is the one who lives elsewhere

In Qena elections, Copts have no fear

At Qena voting stations, Copts and Muslims turn up

Accusations of vote buying in Helwan

In Helwan district’s elections, accusations are traded of unfair advantage while the Muslim Brotherhood faces police obstruction.

Women's quota unlikely to draw female votes

The new Parliament is reserving 64 seats for the women's quota but will this new system prompt more women to vote?

NDP spokesperson blames Copts for clashes

NDP spokesperson says Copts incited violence, provoking police to react

Egypt court jails 12 Islamists for election campaigning

An Egyptian court sentenced 12 Islamists to two years in prison for election campaigning for the banned Muslim Brotherhood, a judicial official said Today, a day before the parliamentary poll.

Activists say Egypt govt behind vanished facebook pages

Two Egyptian opposition pages on the social network site Facebook were deleted from the Internet ahead of Egypt's parliamentary election on Sunday then restored Yesterday

Egypt security on alert ahead of tense election

Egyptian security forces were on high alert Saturday, on the eve of a general election, after activists clashed with police at the end of a campaign marred by violence and a crackdown on the opposition

Omraneya church pastor speaks out

In a special interview with Ahram Online, father Mina Zarif, pastor of Omraneya church, likens the Coptic clashes with police to Hamas and Israel

Family and youth play major elections role

In rural areas--where everyone knows everyone else--elections can be fairer than in cities.

The Brotherhood’s last battle?

Mass arrests and dramatic scenes of police clashes have put the Muslim Brotherhood in the limelight of this year’s People’s Assembly elections. But has it been good for them?

Khaled Saeed case continues

The Criminal Court of Alexandria will hold the fourth session in the trial of slain businessman Khaled Saeed next Saturday

Amnesty urges Egypt to cancel facebook trial

Rights group Amnesty International urged Egypt on Friday to halt the trial of a Facebook user accused of publishing information about Egypt's military without permission

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