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6 April activists demand release of detained member

6 April protesters stood in front of the office of the General Prosecutor to demand the release one of their members

Egypt and 18 other countries to miss Nobel ceremony

Egypt and 18 other countries decline invitation to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

El-Shorouk editor faces trial

The editor of El-Shorouk is facing trial for publishing statements by a NDP MP, attacking a judge who exposed voting irregularities

Expert shoots down conspiracy theory blaming Israel for shark attacks

South Sinai governor backs theory that sharks involved in attacks off Sharm El-Sheik are controlled by Israel via GPS

Three judges withdraw from runoffs

Judges withdraw citing assaults by police

Mubarak to receive top parliamentary figures

President Mubarak expected to address anti-terrorism law in meeting with the top figures of Egypt's incoming parliament

Egypt-Tanzania bilateral talks cover Nile resources

As part of talks between the two leaders, the controversial Nile resource-sharing agreement was discussed

NDP set for "historic" 97% parliamentary win

The ruling NDP is all but certain of winning overwhelming dominance of parliament, following Sunday's vote

Protest over election results in front of the journalists Syndicate

A protest was held today in front of the Journalists Syndicate against election rigging and the failure of several journalists to secure seats parliament, calling for a rerun with judicial supervision

Lakah, Sherdy, and Badrawy will not contend run-offs, says Wafd secretary general

Tarek Sebaq, Mohamed El-Malki and Atef El-Ashmouny are running in the second round

Wafd controversy intensifies

The Wafd's decision to withdraw from the run-offs has caused splits within the party and raised questions about the legality of its withdrawal

Muslim Brotherhood MP to sue news portal

Muslim Brotherhood MP for Shubra says reports that he will compete in tomorrow's elections are "completely inaccurate"

Hundreds of Brotherhood members released

850 Muslim Brotherhood members have been released with more expected to be set free in the next few weeks

Egypt elections: Marching on

There are 283 seats up for grabs in the parliamentary election run-offs tomorrow

Copt candidate blames NDP 'Islamists' for Egypt poll defeat

Mona Makram Ebeid, the Coptic opposition candidate defeated in a parliamentary poll accused "extremist" Islamic elements in the ruling party on Friday of trying to further marginalise Egypt's beleaguered Christian minority

Egypt pressed for delay in Sudan referendum

Egypt lobbied last year to delay southern Sudan's secession vote for four to six years because it feared the new state could fail and the division could imperil its share of Nile waters, a leaked diplomatic cable showed

Israeli foreign ministry confirms assistance pledge from Egypt

As Israel combats wildfires, Egypt pledges assistance

Court withholds election results in 6 constituencies in Sharqiya, including minister's seat

Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court withholds parliamentary election results in six constituencies in Sharqiya

Wafd party withdraws from elections amid internal splits

While most members appeared to embrace the Wafd's withdrawal from the second round of Egypt's parliamentary elections,there were dissenting voices

Wafd officially withdraws from election runoffs

The Wafd Party decides not to run in the second round of Egypt's legislative elections, leaving the door open for candidates elected to enter parliament as independents.

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