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State stands by Engineers Syndicate head after violent no-confidence vote: Minister

The state affirms confidence in incumbent head of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Tarek El-Nabarawy, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources and engineer Hani Sewilam said Thursday, after a no-confidence motion to remove the syndicate head from office late in May ended in violence.

INTERVIEW: National Dialogue important step toward enacting political reform: Wafd deputy head

Deputy Head of the Wafd Party Khaled Qandil said the National Dialogue is an important step toward enacting political reforms and strengthening the democratization process in Egypt.

Egyptian National Dialogue's 3rd political track session postponed by one week

The third session of the National Dialogue's political track, originally planned for 4 June, has been rescheduled for 11 June, announced the General Coordinator of the National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan on Saturday evening.

True democracy requires access to information: NCHR president

True democracy is one in which information is available because a person “will not be able to have an opinion or obtain any right” unless the information is available to them, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) Moushira Khattab said.

President Sisi ratifies amendments to grant equal rights to Egyptian citizenship

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has ratified amendments to the Egyptian Nationality Law of 1975, allowing foreign minors born in Egypt to either a man or a woman born in the country or with an Egyptian origin to acquire citizenship.

Egypt's parliament approves a new package of tax and fee hikes amid criticism

Egypt's parliament – the House of Representatives – provisionally approved Sunday legislative amendments to three laws stipulating new tax and fee hikes on a number of imported goods and entertainment activities despite being rejected by six political parties.

National Dialogue to discuss draft law for supreme council for education and training per Sisi call

A special session for the Education and Scientific Research Committee of the National Dialogue will discuss a draft law on establishing a "Supreme National Council for Education and Training" before it is sent to parliament.

Egypt's National Dialogue to discuss freedom of information 4 June: Rashwan

The Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue has approved the agenda for the sessions of the third week of the dialogue, which is set to begin on Sunday 4 June, Diaa Rashwan, the dialogue’s general coordinator said.

National Dialogue participants aim to transform perceptions of technical education

Participants in the National Dialogue’s Education Committee agreed on the importance of changing negative perceptions of technical education in Egypt and revising its curricula to meet the needs of modern job markets.

Egypt's National Dialogue calls for framework to control population growth

During the second session of the Population Issue Committee at Egypt’s National Dialogue Thursday, participants emphasized the necessity of developing a roadmap to eliminate the population crisis and activate the National Population Strategy (2015-2030).

Parliament to vote on new departure fees and Duty Free taxes

The House of Representative’s Budget Committee approved on Wednesday proposed amendments to the Resource Development Law 147/1984, stipulating new departure fee from the country, with a reduced one for certain tourists and exemptions for the diplomatic corps.

Parliament to vote on new taxes on various entertainment activities

The House of Representatives' Budget Committee approved Wednesday amendments to the Entertainment Tax Law, stipulating new taxes on a host of activities including going to see foreign movies at cinemas, holding parties in social clubs, as well as animals and safari shows.

Egypt National Dialogue explores solutions to investment challenges

In a dynamic session of the National Dialogue centered on ‘Local and Foreign Investments,’ Egypt's investment landscape took center stage as participants engaged in discussions to tackle obstacles hindering the country's investment growth. The session, held on Tuesday, focused on legislative measures and initiatives aiming to attract both local and foreign investors to the country.

Formulating clear manufacturing policy tops agenda at National Dialogue Tuesday

Industrial experts and officials at the National Dialogue discussed Tuesday formulating a clear manufacturing policy and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy to reverse the decline in the role of industry in the economy.

Egyptian political forces at National Dialogue urge holding of municipal elections 'soon'

Political forces participating in Sunday's session of the National Dialogue's political track agreed on the urgency of holding the long-awaited local council elections soon.

Egypt's National Dialogue discusses eliminating political parties' hurdles

Egypt's National Dialogue’s second session of the political axis kicked off on Sunday, with the Political Parties Committee addressing how to develop parties' activities and remove the hurdles facing them.

National Dialogue crafting proposals for all Egyptians: Coordinator

The National Dialogue has made significant progress in formulating comprehensive proposals that address the concerns and interests of all Egyptians, as well as various associations and unions, announced Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the National Dialogue on Friday night.

Journeying into week two: Egypt's National Dialogue unveils agenda on political parties, investments

Egypt’s National Dialogue will focus in its second week on discussing political parties, foreign and local investments and the population issue, according to its general coordinator Diaa Rashwan.

Egypt National Dialogue explores guardianship and national identity

The Egyptian National Dialogue delved into pressing topics on Thursday, as the Family and Community Cohesion Committee tackled the complex issues of financial and educational guardianship. Meanwhile, the Culture and National Identity Committee embarked on an exploration of the ever-evolving concept of national identity.

Participants in the National Dialogue call for more social protections amid soaring inflation

During Tuesday's session of the National Dialogue, the representatives of various political forces called for expanding the social protection umbrealla and enhancing protection programmes to support the needy amid soaring inflation due to the economic global crisis.

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