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Thursday, 17 June 2021
Secrecy and rumors abound as Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan faces allegations of conspiring against the PA president
Yemen's parliament is discussing a draft amendment to the constitution under which President Ali Abdullah Saleh could be made life-president,
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Palestinian factions held a meeting yesterday to discuss Israel's recent air strikes on Gaza.
Judge orders assailant to suffer the same injuries as his victim
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A Knesset member describes illegal immigration into Israel as "demographic terrorism" and called upon the Israeli military to execute Bedouins who aid the immigrants with "a shot in the head"
Two years after the murder of a Lebanese army officer who cooperated with the international tribunal charged with investigating the Hariri assassination, his parents continue to wait for a just retribution
Kuwait's political crisis is tightening, with the Emir having two options, either to reshuffle the government or else dissolve parliament
An Iraqi police officer was killed in Northern Iraq as a result of an attack by two suicide bombers
Palestinian president Abbas is to lay a symbolic first stone of a Palestinian embassy in Brazil
Iraq's Kurds pushed the government to recognize oil deals made with international companies as they seek more control over the resource in their region
Israelis are split, a survey shows, on whether or not to sell or rent houses to Arabs
Al-Rawabi, the first Palestinian city to be created in the West Bank since the 1967 Israeli occupation enrages illegal settlers and confuses Palestinians
The United Arab Emirates considered keeping silent about the assassination of a Hamas affiliate, WikiLeaks unveiled Tuesday
Sudan's president Omar Al-Bashir promises to help South Sudan if it votes for independence in upcoming referendum
Iran on Tuesday hanged a man sentenced to death for spying for Mossad
Israel's defence ministry accuses British pro-Palestinian charity of planning violent activity against Israel in Europe
Kuwaiti prime minister quizzed over alleged constitutional breaches
The Asia to Gaza convoy is stationed in Latakia, Syria, pending negotiations with Cairo, says the convoy’s founder
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