October War: 50 Years - October War: 50 Years

Strategic deception in the October War

The strategic deception carried out in the run-up to the October 1973 War showed Egypt’s genius in planning for the war and its precision in its execution.

A battle for justification: Israeli documents from the war

The establishment of two Israeli research centres dedicated to the October 1973 War earlier this year and the release of thousands of previously classified documents shed light on efforts to justify Israel’s defeat in the war.

'A shield and a sword’ - The inside story of Egypt's 1973 victory over Israel

War veterans Mohamed Abbas Mansour and Mahmoud Khalaf, who served in the 1973 October War, tell Ahmed Eleiba about the role played by the artillery corps to liberate Sinai and what is needed to protect Egypt

The October War: Letters from a soldier

Abdel-Aal Ayyash, a soldier during the October War, talks about letters, photographs, and magazine pages he kept from his days at the front.

The October War: First hand testimonies

Almost half a century after the October War, testimonies and recollections continue to appear, including from diplomats who share first-hand accounts of the war, a soldier who has kept souvenirs from the front, and a painter whose art recalls the sacrifices made by the Egyptian military and people.

The 6th of October war: Coming home as heroes

The 28 October 1973 ceasefire between Egypt and Israel saw Egyptian soldiers coming home full of stories of bravery and honour, writes Dina Ezzat

The 6th of October War: A tale of resilience and glory

On the 47th anniversary of the October 1973 War, Ahram Weekly talks to members of Battalion 603, kept under Israeli siege for over four months after a ceasefire was announced.

Remembering Mohamed Radi: The October War director

Mohamed Radi, one of Egypt's pioneers in cinema, was born 14 October 1939 and died 11 October 2017

Remembering the 1973 October War

Ahram Online republishes Dina Ezzat and photographer Sherif Sonbol story on their visit to the three Suez Canal cities in search of memories on the 45th anniversary of the 1973 October War

Baki Zaki Youssef, the Egyptian military engineer behind destruction of Israel's Bar Lev line, dies at 88

Ahram Online republishes this interview from 2013 with one of Egypt's Coptic Christian war heroes who risked life and limb in defence of their homeland

The 30th anniversary of his death finds revolution youth divided over Sadat

The young people of the 25 January revolution knew Sadat as a figure of history. On the 30th anniversary of his assassination Ahram Online sought the revolutionary youths take on Mubarak's one time boss

8 October 1973: Ahram's front page

Ahram Daily headline read: 'Tel Aviv - Fighting on the second day very critical for Israel'

October remembered: The happiest of days for Egyptians

Hussein, a coffee maker in Alexandria for over half a century, recalls the joy and lifted spirits following the October War victory in 1973

New Release: Memoirs of Egyptian defence minister during 1973 war

Field Marshal Ahmed Ismail's memoirs reveal what went on behind the scenes during 6 October War against Israel

Medhat Labib: Sinai about 'honour'; Mubarak of 1973 not Mubarak of 2011

In this ongoing series, Ahram Online celebrates several of Egypt's Coptic-Christian war heroes who risked life and limb in defence of their homeland

Saad Eddin El-Shazly: A war hero revisited

Long-awaited memoirs by controversial chief-of-staff promise to challenge the official line on Egypt's October War with Israel

Sadat's contested legacy

Praised and derided for what are seen as the major accomplishments of his 11-year rule, Anwar Sadat continues to be an enigma 30 years after his assassination