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Own the city series: Al-Sakakini – The old Cairo district named after a Syrian Bey

In our series, we walk through one of Cairo's older districts and marvel at the 126-year-old enchanting palace which gave the neighbourhood its name.

Meet Ismailia, Egypt's first company town

In our third article on documenting the social history of historic districts of Egypt, Ahram Online walks with Mohamed Yehia, founder of Semsemia tours, and explores the stories behind the construction of the country's first company town during the digging of the Suez Canal in the mid-19th Century.

Egypt enlists Journey of the Holy Family festivals on UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

“Festivities and celebrations affiliated with the Journey of the Holy Family in Egypt are now on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,” professor Nahla Imam, heritage consultant at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and country representative of Egypt at the 2003 Convention of Safeguarding the Intangible Heritage of UNESCO, told Ahram Online on Wednesday

Dalida's Shubra: Walk pass the diva's old balcony and enjoy the charm of the historic district

In our second article on documenting the social history of historic districts of Egypt, Ahram Online walks with Mina Ibrahim, anthropology researcher, and founder of SARD Shubra Archive, a nonprofit initiative to document the oral history of the neighbourhood before it all fades out due to fast transformations of the urban fabric of the ancient district.

Stabene: Preserving the rich history of Port Said

If you truly wish to find someone you have known and who travels, there are two points on the globe you have but to sit and wait, sooner or later your man will come there: the docks of London and Port Said - Kipling

Own the City: It is Christmas in Heliopolis!

Own the City is a series documenting the social history of historic districts of Egypt. Share your memories and photographs of your favourite neighbourhood with us and we will add/update it to the story that runs for one month.

Mogawra celebrates 10 years of community engagement, preservation, and restoration

Last Saturday Al-Khalifa district celebrated 10 years of community engagement at Al-Khalifa Heritage and Environmental park.

Take a Walk: Sundays in Al-Moez’s Cairo

What is the difference between a Hara, a Zoqaq, and an Atfa?

Cairo Biography: The beauty is in the details

How well do you know the magnificent city that was dubbed 'The Conqueror'?

Take a walk: Alexandria, the city blessed by Ra

A walk into the heart of the ancient city

Along the trail of Historic Cairo: Imam Al-Shafii district

Our second walk alongside Megawra’s founder, architectural historian May El-Ibrashy, is in the Imam Al-Shafii area

Al-Madaq: Historical trails of Cairo online

Mapping the city conqueror is only for the brave

On the trail of the Holy Family in Egypt

As Egypt promotes the trail of the Holy Family as a major tourist experience, Ahram Online republishes an account of stops and cities where the Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus found safety and shelter in the country

Take a walk: Following Alexandria’s heritage sites

Heritage walks are usually pleasant, but walking with Mohamed Gohar, the founder of the heritage map of Alexandria, part of his project Description of Alexandria, was a real treat

Along the trail of Historic Cairo: El-Hattaba

Ahram Online launches a series of walks in Historic Cairo

Basilica bridge on hold

The bridge is set to pass right in front of the Basilica church in Heliopolis, a Type A heritage site where building anything that blocks the view is prohibited

Follow the Sun around Egypt: A guide to heritage walks and winter destinations

Egypt’s warm winter remains an eternal bliss. And so, Ahram Online decided it is time to explore various winter destinations and take those long walks we have been meaning to take. Let’s follow the sun, shall we?

In Photos: Tracing the sun in Luxor

Much has changed in Luxor in the past decades, yet the city has preserved its authentic spirit.

Suez: A tale of an ancient Red Sea city

On the 65th anniversary of the nationalisation of the Suez Canal by the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, Ahram Online republishes a review of a case study on the history of the 'brave city'

A tale of an ancient Red Sea city, Quseir

Quseir is at the end of the shortest and safest path connecting the Nile and the Red Sea, it has been a crucial trade route from the days of ancient Egypt to this day

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