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Sunday, 09 May 2021
Rousounelis describes his art style as hyperrealism, and his inspiration comes from Greek architecture, mostly Cyclades architecture
The 14th edition of Art Dubai will kick off on 29 March and span over six days instead of four
Previously scheduled to take place in the middle of this month, the international art fair will kick off on 26 February
The exhibition will showcase 36 paintings which the artist created during the isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic in his home in the heart of Fayoum Oasis
Lutfi's 'Al-Sitt and her Sunglasses' is part of the newly opened exhibition celebrating the British Museum's decade of collecting contemporary art of the Middle East and North Africa
The second edition of Cairo Photo Week will take place across four historic locations in Downtown Cairo
The upcoming exhibition is titled 'Rehla' (Journey)
Operating in collaboration with Art D’Egypte, the Fund is offering full funding for a postgraduate art scholarship
The 360-page book 'traces the people and events that were integral to the shaping of the field of graphic design in the Arab world'
The exhibition will display blurred and manipulated images that are an abstraction of their origins
In his new exhibition, contemporary artist Ahmed Osman emphasises human connections
'Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque' was painted by Sir Winston Churchill in 1943 after his visit to Marrakesh
The final winners will be announced later this year
The EU Delegation is offering awards to the first three winners, as well as holding an exhibition featuring the top 30 photos
Since the last spring's pandemic's lockdown, hundreds of videos from various culture activities have been published through multiple channels of the culture ministry's YouTube channel
Durra was the first artist to introduce expressionism, cubism, and abstract art into the Jordanian visual arts scene
The Gypsum Online Viewing Room showcases Sharkawy's 'series of digital collage images composed of elements taken from the artist’s large archive of photographs documenting Cairo’s architecture'
Fouad's oil paintings draw their inspiration from the tales of the One Thousand and One Nights
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