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The Russia-Ukraine war one year on

US President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv this week came at a critical moment in the Russian winter offensive and just days before the first anniversary of the war.

African Union summit: Israel out

The highlight of the latest African Union summit had nothing to do with Africa.

Diplomatic tightrope

The Russia-Ukraine war has exacted a heavy toll and left Arab countries struggling to balance their relations with Washington and Moscow.

Earthquake economy

Karam Said discusses the effects of the earthquake on Turkey’s already ailing economy.

Disaster upon disaster in Syria

The aftermath of the earthquake that struck northwestern Syria earlier this month has added to the suffering already caused by the country’s long-running civil war, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

The crisis of Lebanon’s banks

Ordinary people in Lebanon have been storming the country’s banks in a bid to gain access to their savings to pay for basic daily needs, writes Mohamed Qazaz

Factbox: Losses and damage from the earthquake

The 7.8 Magnitude earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria on 6 February left thousands of people dead or injured, hundreds of buildings collapsed, roads seriously damaged, and sewage, water supply networks, and power stations out of operation.

Factbox: International aid to Syria and Turkey

Whatever help countries around the world have offered to Turkey and Syria is not enough.

The politicisation of disaster response

The global response to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has shown how politics have trumped humanitarianism worldwide.

International failure in Syria

The UN has admitted its shortcomings in delivering aid to northwestern Syria, with the Syrian opposition pointing to the politicisation of the aid.

Diplomacy and the Turkish earthquake

The destruction and loss of life caused by the earthquake in Turkey have given rise to an outpouring of aid and sympathy from the region, with still unpredictable effects on Turkish diplomacy.

Towards a truce in Yemen?

A truce may be near between the belligerents in the conflict in Yemen, despite conflicting statements from the parties involved and few prospects of a peace process, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Ethiopia’s endless precipice

Ethiopia is unlikely to achieve peace even after the deal with the Tigray.

The international factor

Amany Al-Tawil keeps up with the situation in Sudan

Beyond the quake, political fallout

The political impact from last week’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria could be enormous, but predicting what types of fallouts is another matter, writes Salah Nasrawi

Lavrov’s diplomatic campaign

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived to Bamako for talks with Colonel Assimi Joita, the military leader of Mali, on a wide range of issues probably including war on militant groups and economic cooperation.

An out for Iran

Despite rising tensions, internal troubles and a drone attack on one of its military facilities, there is still a window for a deal with Iran — or at least many in the Gulf hope so.

Rising Palestinian casualties as Israel escalates the war

Israel’s most right-wing government in years is accelerating its summary executions and mass evictions of Palestinians.

Between Sudan and Israel

Karam Said assesses the possibility that Sudan will join the ranks of the Abraham Accords.

Israeli escalation on the West Bank

Five Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli forces in the West Bank this week, part of an ongoing Israeli escalation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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