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The lessons of history

The Majdal Hospital was bombed as was the Al-Joura village, which stands on the site of Ashkelon. Israelis bombed food distribution centres in Dar Balah and Khan Younis.

Tantura’s many echoes

Nahed Nasr surveys pro-Palestinian Israeli films

All kinds of pyramids

The global exhibition of contemporary sculptural installations on show on the Pyramids plateau is a must see, writes Reham El-Adawi

Way forward

Abdou Gobeir (1948-2023)

Breaking out

Rania Khallaf spoke to the artist Ibrahim Philip about his new exhibition

A tale of two women 

Nahed Nasr spoke to the two leads in the Sudanese film sensation that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival

Reinventing Taha Hussein

To mark 50 years since the death of Taha Hussein, the acknowledged Dean of Arabic Literature, Sayed Mahmoud spoke with Hussam R. Ahmed, the author of the groundbreaking 2011 book The Last Nahdawi, to be published in Arabic with Abu Dhabi’s Kalima initiative early next year

Lights out or not: Cultural scene in Egypt, Arab region during the war on Gaza

For some “to cancel or not to cancel” cultural activities is equivalent to “to mourn or not to mourn” the lost Palestinian souls whose numbers multiply every day. Others ponder different angles, considering messages that artistic activities can communicate at such a difficult time.

Waiting for divine intervention

As the violence against Palestinians escalates, Soha Hesham remembers some of Palestine’s best loved films

The sketch book

Rania Khallaf was impressed by a unique display of hidden genius at Ofok Gallery

Back on course

Nahed Nasr met with the director and artistic director of the sixth El Gouna Film Festival

Everyone prays over his grave

Khaled Khalifa (1964-2023)

The pundit

Ezz Eldin Naguib (1940-2023)

Woman as nation

Remembering the feminist icon Latifa al-Zayyat on the centenary of her birth.

Unsung victims

Michelle Tusan, The Last Treaty, Cambridge University Press, pp345, 2023

Reunion at El Gouna

El Gouna Film Festival returns for the sixth time, reports Soha Hesham

Talking colours

Rania Khallaf attended veteran artist Abdelwahab Abdelmohsen’s latest exhibition

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