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The healing power of pets

Various kinds of pet-assisted therapy are becoming more and more popular in Egypt

Encouraging childhood self-reliance

A new initiative is helping mothers let their children be more independent during the summer holidays.

Cradles to share

Circular economy solutions are offering new ideas to couples who have finished parenting and those looking to have another child.

Questioning the right of guardianship

Children whose fathers die when they are still minors are at risk of losing the guardianship of their mothers under current laws.

Enjoying the ultimate lifestyle

Al Ahram Weekly talks to fitness instructor Amani Ali about how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and obtain a fitter figure

All about cake-making

New designs and tools are elevating cake-making into an art form in Egypt.

Embracing women through art

From an emphasis on creativity to empowering women, artist Aliaa Hashem offers a fresh perspective on women in art, writes Ameera Fouad

Tree lovers unite

Nesmahar Sayed takes a walk among Maadi’s greenery with Egypt’s Tree Lovers Association

A student who minds her own business

In a plan to start her own professional career and give a hand to her family financing her college study, one young woman has started selling desserts by bicycle.

Alexandria’s first Sand Sculpture Festival

The first Sand Sculpture Festival to be held in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria may lead to many more people grabbing a spade and starting to dig.

Where fashion and history intersect

The first edition of the Egypt Fashion Week was a celebration of Egypt’s millennia-old civilisation, a glimpse of the present, and a vision for the future

Marbling on textiles

Artist Rasha Morgan has been experimenting with marbling in eco-friendly colours on organic cotton with a view to entering the Guinness Book of Records.

Puppet-making for a new generation

Puppet-making is becoming more and more attractive to many young people as puppets become more present on TV and in advertising campaigns, reports Sarah Elhosary

Business in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of increased activity for many businesses, with many doing particularly well during the holy month

Ramadan comes out tops

While many people are having to contend with soaring prices this Ramadan, this has not prevented them from celebrating the holy month

Getting ready for Ramadan

Chef Hala Fahmi shares authentic recipes and saving tricks from her grandmother’s kitchen to help people prepare for Ramadan in an interview with Sarah Elhosary

Tons at a time: Cleaning up the Nile

Using innovative and socially empowering techniques, the VeryNile programme has been establishing neighbourhoods that value the environment and combat litter, writes Omneya Yousry

Laughter is the best medicine

Egypt’s stand-up comedians are providing the kind of medicine that can help boost people’s moods and lighten their burdens.

Back to mother nature

Calls for a return to nature are increasing amid the hectic pace of modern life, including through the revitalising techniques of horticultural therapy

Egypt’s skating craze

Skaters have been taking to the streets across Egypt in what has become a social and fitness craze.

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