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Controlling spending in Ramadan

Many people spend more on groceries and other items during Ramadan, but will that be the case this year after the rise in prices.

Experiences of first-time mums

As the country celebrates this year’s Mother’s Day, spare a thought for Egypt’s first-time mums

Reminders of the power of love

How many people still believe in love

The beauty of the beast

A beauty contest for dogs is more than a catwalk and is an opportunity to improve the physical and psychological health of future breeds, writes Khaled El-Ghamri

Eating as a cure for Covid-19

Good nutrition can help to prevent infection with Covid-19, help to cure it, and rebuild the immune system, a nutritionist confirms

Skydiving in Sharm El-Sheikh

A group of Egyptian media presenters experienced the thrills of skydiving during the last World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh

Pressure builds on brides

As prices peak and Covid-19 continues to interrupt weddings, many young couples are facing societal norms they now want to break

What's behind the high divorce rate in Egypt?

Al-Ahram Weekly investigates the reasons behind the high divorce rate in Egypt and how they might be overcome.

Introducing miniature sculpture

Artist Ibrahim Belal has been introducing a unique form of miniature art to Egypt, writes Mai Samih

Health ideas for mothers to be

The Mothers to Be Project in Alexandria is helping prospective mothers understand more about healthcare and other issues they face

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle

Minimalist lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular on Egyptian social media platforms thanks to the minimalist hub group and its creators

Egypt’s German Shepherds

Al Ahram Weekly takes a tour of German Shepherd competitions in Egypt that encourage owner participation

Building safer communities for women

Egypt’s E7kky magazine has been working on six campaigns as part of 16 days of UN-sponsored activism to build safer communities for women, reports Omneya Yousry

Entering the metaverse

With the world around us being swallowed up in the digital realm, how long can it be before we are all living in a metaverse?

Making less room for screens

One new Egyptian project is aiming to rid young children of their Internet addiction by substituting more creative activities

Bringing the arts to children

The AFCA Arts Centre launched the 11th edition of the Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in Egypt this month

Art from coffee foam

A group of artists has been organising courses to help people create using coffee foam, reports Mai Samih

One world, different cultures

Al-Ahram Weekly visits the multicultural Gouter Cultural Festival that took place at the Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis this week

Where to go on honeymoon?

In the age of Covid-19, many honeymooners have changed their destinations because of changes to travel options

Sewing for all

One young Egyptian fashion designer is teaching people with hearing impairment how to design and make their own clothes, reports Mai Samih

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