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Sewing for all

One young Egyptian fashion designer is teaching people with hearing impairment how to design and make their own clothes, reports Mai Samih

Breaking barriers on special needs in Egypt

The Ataa Charity Fund is researching the social hurdles facing special needs students in Egypt while raising awareness and taking a wider lead for change

Getting a good night’s sleep

Tips from experts for better quality sleep

Health Tips: Getting younger with age

Al-Ahram Weekly explores new ways to stay feeling and looking young

Bon appetit!

A new cookbook gives a wholesome twist to traditional food from Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco

Encouraging responsible social acceptance

Instagram has hidden the likes and followers function on its social-media platform in eight countries as a way of encouraging people to use the site more responsibly

The power of meditation

Menna H Ashour explores how Kundalini yoga, Aquarian training and holistic practices can help untangle emotional or mental blocks in an interview with practitioner Shama Kaur

Finding a new life through therapy

Mai Samih finds out how it is possible to bounce back from a traumatic experience and lead a more positive life 

For the love of animals

This year’s Animal Mercy Day invited animal lovers from across the country to share their love of animals, writes Omneya Yousry

Women: How to be kinder to yourself?

What are some of the reasons behind low self-esteem in women?

Hijabi summer trends

Al-Ahram Weekly looks at this summer’s trendiest hijabi and modest styles

Ramadan Nostalgia: Are you 'Thirty Something'?

The Thirties Show’s second season is showcasing 'Ramadan Nostalgia' during the holy month of Ramadan this year

A little taste of Ramadan

Al-Ahram Weekly learns how one fresh university graduate in Cairo has been decorating Ramadan dishes for children

Egypt: Christian life in Ramadan

Al-Ahram Weekly explores how Egypt’s Christians spend the holy month of Ramadan with their Muslim compatriots

Preparing to fast: The ‘perfect Sohour’

Egypt’s traditional Ramadan Sohour meal of fava beans eaten before dawn remains the country’s quintessential nutritional repast

Uniting for inclusion

Uniting to help all children was the message of this year’s World Autism Day celebrations in Alexandria

The magic of anise

Anise has long held pride of place as a savoury spice as well as a powerful antidote in cultures from Egypt to Greece, Italy and beyond

Entertaining tricks for eye and mind

The new Museum of Illusions in Cairo offers tricks to bewilder the senses of visitors as well as their minds

Egypt’s African household workers

In many cases driven abroad by poverty and conflict at home, more and more African female household workers are looking for a better future in Egypt

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