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Child psychology: Abolishing little lies

What makes children tell lies and what is the best way for parents to deal with them

Challenges before tying the knot

What are some of the main challenges men and women face before getting married in Egypt, asks Amira Elhamy

Robots helping in the pandemic

Could robots soon be caring for patients infected with Covid in Egypt, asks Ameera Fouad

A new community in Egypt: Why walk when you can skate?

A group of young people in Cairo and Alexandria are building a roller-skating community to raise awareness of the sport and show off the beauty of Egyptian venues

Cairo witchcraft and wizardry

Omneya Yousry and her team successfully solved a crime puzzle game this week, winning third place in the first outdoor adventure of its kind in Egypt 

Alexandria: Celebrating World Children’s Day

This year has been a very different one for many children, making it even more important that they be celebrated on World Children’s Day

Smaller fashions… bigger dreams

Al-Ahram Weekly talks to a Cairo entrepreneur who has started the country’s first clothing line for people of shorter stature

Raising well-behaved children

Examples of bad behaviour by some privileged young people have caught the headlines in recent months, with voices being raised to put an end to such incidents

INTERVIEW - 'Without added preservatives': A passion in the mix

Amira Elhamy discovers how one woman started a successful business project that reflects her passion in life

Out of the online bubble

Could we all be living in social media bubbles, and if so how can we escape, asks Ameera Fouad

Skin care in the pandemic: Tips

Ahram Weekly gets some tips from a dermatologist about how to avoid skin damage when using sanitisers during the Covid-19 pandemic

A trendy winter wardrobe

Mariam Ayman guides you through this winter’s must-have pieces based on the most significant trends on the runways

Where Egyptian brands gather

A huge bazaar took place in New Cairo last week in support of local startups, reports Omneya Yousry

A park for special needs

The first park for children with special needs has been designed in Alexandria, writes Ameera Fouad

More than mothers

One Cairo mother has started an initiative to help other mothers find part-time jobs while continuing to look after their children, writes Mai Samih

Culture goes online

Artists and musicians across the world have been suffering as a result of restrictions introduced to combat Covid-19, but online platforms could be the answer, writes Ameera Fouad

Smarter TV by phone

The smartphone has already revolutionised the way we live our daily lives, and today it is doing the same thing for television

‘Three Arabic letters’

The media has an important role to play in reminding young people of their sense of belonging and the many achievements of their country

Reviving mediaeval cooking

Recent years have seen growing interest in mediaeval Arab cooking, as a new translation of a 13th-century Syrian recipe book reveals, writes David Tresilian

Flying dreams: Kites filling the skies of Cairo

As the restrictions intended to halt the spread of the Covid-19 decrease across Egypt, kites are filling the skies of Cairo

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