Al-Ahram Weekly - Special

Libyan crisis: Regional security under threat

Arab regional powers support a political solution to the Libyan crisis

Libyan crisis: In war and in peace

Egypt is readying itself — on the political and military fronts — to deal with developments in Libya

Libya: Troubled history

What can Egypt do about its chaotic western neighbour? Ahram Weekly looks for answers

Europe’s Turkey problem

The situation in Libya is the latest flashpoint between Turkey and the European Union and a further test of already troubled relations

Will Erdogan escalate?

Beset by troubles at home, Turkey’s Erdogan continues to drive wedges around the region. Is he serious about making so many enemies, or is it all for domestic consumption

Sharing for survival: The management of the River Nile

A cooperative approach with an ecological focus and a new legal regime could make life easier for all the Nile Basin countries, argues a recent book on the management of the River Nile

Book review: Game of power

A new book on the leading Sunni Muslim states of the Middle East describes a long period of implicit and explicit tensions

Book Review: Erdogan, the ‘new sultan’?

Dina Ezzat reviews a book by Turkish historian Soner Cagaptay that tries to explain the peculiar case of Erdogan and its impact on the future of his country as a modern state rather than a head of a 'political Islam' empire

INTERVIEW: The Greek perspective

Before the 7th tripartite summit in Cairo, Greek PM Mitsotakis discussed the relationship between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus, saying it is a model for other countries in achieving peace and stability in the region

East Mediterranean cooperation

The seventh tripartite summit between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus discussed economic cooperation and Turkish violations in the Aegean Sea, Reem Leila reports

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