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Crib videos offer clue to mysterious child deaths, showing seizures play a role

A new study offers the first direct evidence of a seizure link to toddlers' sudden death.

WHO: Desperation increases in Gaza hospitals amid severe hunger

The World Health Organization announced that it led a mission to barely functioning hospitals in northern Gaza over the weekend, describing the growing despair and hunger that prompted residents to seize supplies from an aid truck.

Humans first: Exploring healing architecture in hospitals

Exploring environmental healing, an exhibition titled "Build to Heal" at Munich's Pinakothek Museum delves into the health impact of architectural design in hospitals.

French pharma firm ordered to pay millions over deadly diabetes drug

A French appeals court on Wednesday ordered pharmaceutical firm Servier to pay more than $460 million in damages over a scandal involving a diabetes drug linked to hundreds of deaths.

Melanoma Vaccine Could Be Available By 2025

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said the vaccine against melanoma could be available in as little as two years, in what would amount to a landmark step against the most serious form of skin cancer.

The hypochondria paradox: Swedish study finds a higher death rate in those who fear serious illness

A large Swedish study has uncovered a paradox about people diagnosed with an excessive fear of serious illness: They tend to die earlier than people who aren’t hypervigilant about health concerns.

Patients regain much weight after stopping new obesity drug: Study

A new generation of obesity drugs often delivers dramatic weight loss, but many patients wonder what happens when they stop treatment.

Breast cancer survivors do not need so many mammograms after surgery: study

Annual mammograms are recommended indefinitely for breast cancer survivors, but a large British study finds that less frequent screening is just as good.

Japan to legalise cannabis-based medicines

Japan's parliament has passed a bill to legalise cannabis-based medicines in a landmark revision of its stringent drug laws, while toughening its ban on recreational use of marijuana.

‘It is a different life’: Understanding the psychological pain of Gaza children

Psychiatrist Aida Seif El-Dawla says that despite their “remarkable resilience”, the children of Gaza will “certainly need someone to cling on to.”

Heat, disease, air pollution: How climate change impacts health

Growing calls for the world to come to grips with the many ways that global warming affects human health have prompted the first day dedicated to the issue at crunch UN climate talks starting next week.

Malaria vaccines set for broader rollout in Africa

The United Nations heralded the forthcoming scale-up of malaria vaccination across Africa after the first shipment of doses arrived in Cameroon.

AI spawns new hope in TB fight

A program using artificial intelligence to test inmates in a high security Mozambican jail for tuberculosis has spawned hope that the new tech can help eradicate the disease.

The world’s first gene therapy for sickle cell disease has been approved

Britain’s medicines regulator has authorized the world’s first gene therapy treatment for sickle cell .

Woman with rare double uterus expecting babies in both

A 32-year-old woman from Alabama who was born with two uteruses is now pregnant in both.

Heat projected to kill nearly five times more people by 2050

More common droughts will put millions at risk of starving, mosquitoes spreading farther than ever before will take infectious diseases with them, and health systems will struggle to cope with the burden, the researchers warned.

For the first time, spinal implant allows Parkinson's patient to walk again

The medical first was achieved by Swiss researchers who had previously pioneered similar breakthroughs to help paraplegic people walk again.

Egypt launches National Midwifery Strategy to ensure safe childbirth

Egypt's Ministry of Health and Population, in collaboration with UNFPA Egypt, WHO, and UNICEF, launched the country’s National Midwifery Strategy in early November, according to a statement from the ministry.

Egypt's MotherBeing clinic to send sanitary pads to Gaza women

Egypt's MotherBeing, a reproductive and women's health clinic, concluded an initiative to donate 200,000 sanitary pads to women in Gaza.

For the first time, scientists developing new 'vaccine' for cocaine addiction

Scientists in Brazil, the world's second-biggest consumer of cocaine, have announced the development of an innovative new treatment for addiction to the drug and its powerful derivative crack: a vaccine.

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