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Friday, 18 June 2021
Libyan security cuts off internet service as protesters step up demonstrations against regime
Death toll rises as clashes continue in Libya
National dialogue is the only way out of the current quagmire in Bahrain, says EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton
Amid rapidly escalating demonstrations, the region's most entrenched rulers are battling to stay in power
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Mauritania's security forces crackdown on protesters rising against inflation and poverty
Algerian police, outnumbering protesters, are mobilized to the May 1 Square to try to hinder a march inspired by uprisings in neighboring Arab countries
Clashes erupt between security forces and protesters in day 2 of an anti-regime uprising
Bahrain's crown prince on Saturday called for a national day of mourning "for the sons we have lost", the state news agency reported
Hundreds of Tunisians demonstrated Saturday for a secular state following the murder of a Polish priest, verbal attacks on Jews and an attempt by Islamists to set light to a brothel
Dozens of journalists on Saturday accused Yemen's ruling party of plotting attacks on journalists covering anti-regime protests in Sanaa
The Arab League said on Saturday it was important that a March summit goes ahead in Baghdad due to what it described as "the grave, fateful developments" in the Arab world
Bahraini riot police retreated from Pearl Square on Saturday as thousands of anti-government protesters streamed back into their former stronghold in Manama
Palestinians plan to make another attempt to seek United Nations condemnation of Israeli settlement, after the US torpedoed a motion at the Security Council
Around 2,000 university students were demonstrating Saturday in north Iraq, demanding an apology from regional president Massoud Barzani after protests earlier in the week left two dead
Yemeni riot police in the capital shot dead a protester and injured five others on Saturday when they opened fire on thousands marching in the 10th day of unrest rocking the country
After violent clashes between protesters and security forces, police desert the city of Benghazi
Saturday's developments in the unrest sweeping the Middle East and North Africa
Bahraini police fired tear gas Saturday to disperse an anti-regime protest at Pearl Square in the capital Manama, shortly after the army pulled out of the area
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