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Monday, 14 June 2021
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UN humanitarian aid agencies start a mission to North Korea to prepare an assessment of the country's food needs
As Egypt's Rafah border crossing remains closed during the mass protests, Gaza suffers even more food and medical shortages
Clashes between rebels and south Sudanese troops in troubled Jonglei state have killed 105 people
The US State Department introduces an Arabic feed on Twitter, in a move to increase its participation in the Arab world's "conversations"
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Saudi official denies reports indicating that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz died in Morocco
Border tunnels business is effected by Egypt unrest as merchandise is running out of the markets in northern Sinai peninsula
At least 16 people died in clashes between a renegade militia and south Sudan's army,raising fears for stability of south as it prepares to declare independence
Inspired by events in Tunisia and Egypt, youths in Gaza call for demonstrations demanding Palestinian unity across the territory following Friday prayer
Suicide attack by Taliban northwestern Pakistan kills 31 soldiers soldiers
Britain's foreign secretary continues his Middle East tour amid rising tensions and calls for change
Russian authorities named a suspected suicide bomber of Moscow's airport and arrested his teenage brother and sister
Positive news about access to Facebook and YouTube in Syria has been circulating in the strictly closed country
The parliament authorised interim president Foued Mebazaa to rule by decree, including a possible general amnesty, the organisation of political parties and a new electoral code
Netanyahu prepared on Wednesday a package of economic relief measures aimed at quelling public anger fuelled by record-high gasoline prices.
A Euro MP says the EU's ambassador to Tunisia must be removed
Gulf activists on Wednesday urged conservative monarchies which have ruled the region for centuries to embrace democracy and freedom of expression.
China has announced that it intends to spend around $1 billion in battling drought amid winter harvest fears
South Sudan's minister of cooperatives and rural development was shot dead Wednesday
Israel's minister of defense was to hold top-level talks in Washington over recent developments in the Middle East
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