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Thursday, 24 June 2021
Swedish prosecutors to question Assange about sexual abuse accusations amid fears of being handed over to the U.S.
Protesters in south Taiwan throw eggs and flowers at Chinese negotiator Chen Yunlin as he arrives for a business forum in Koahsiung
Exodus of expats and Libyans at Tunisian and Egyptian borders trying to save their lives. World leaders condemn the bloody crackdown on civilians in Libya, but have not taken action
Governments around the world send planes and ships to bring home their nationals who tell of their hardships these past few days
Rocket fired out of the Gaza Strip brings out Israeli warplanes
Head of Iran's Basij militia and Tehran's prosecutor general sanctioned for 'serious' rights abuses after the June 2009 election
Senior former Libyan official says he has proof that Gaddafi have personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing in 1988
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Bahrain freed 23 people accused of trying to topple the island's Sunni Muslim monarchy, however protesters vow to continue demonstrations and political parties request government resignations
As the revolt in Libya reaches its first week, citizens around the region express their support of the protesters and condemnation of Gaddafi in more strident terms than their governments
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UN Human Rights council to discuss a draft resolution in a special session on Libya, which is, ironically, a member of the council
Key events in Libya, where major unrest against the regime of Moamer Gaddafi broke out on February 15
Libyan pilot ejects, rejecting orders to bomb opposition in east Libya
Analysts say that Gaddafi’s regime is weak as its power structure crumbles after tribes turn against him
Libya's East Coast is now controlled by anti-Gaddafi protests
A group of ruling party MPs in Yemen resign after gunmen attacked protesters killing two and wounding 23
Gaddafi supporters gather in capital for a rally after the veteran leader urged help in crushing an insurrection
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Saudi King Abdullah arrived in his homeland Wednesday after three months abroad, boosting social benefits for his people as he returned to a Middle East rocked by anti-regime uprisings
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New Zealand earthquake claims 75 lives, while troops, police and emergency workers still search for survivors
As the violence against protesters in Libya intensifies, countries move to bring their stranded citizens home
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