Egyptian Ahmed Gabr breaks world's deepest scuba dive record

Osman El-Sharnoubi - Dahab, Sinai, Friday 19 Sep 2014

Ahmed Gabr
Egyptian Diver Ahmed Gabr (Photo: Courtesy of H2O Divers Dahab)

Guinness World Records has announced that Egyptian diver Ahmed Gabr is the new title holder for deepest salt water scuba dive, at 332.35 metres.

Gabr exited the water on Friday at 12:20 am, almost 14 hours after his entry at 10:30am the previous morning.

"Record breakers are special, they are the best, ever, at what they do," Talal Omar, the Guinness World Records representative for the Middle East announced as he handed Gabr his title certificate aboard the MV Aeolos.

Gabr, in high spirits, warmly thanked his team and walked out onto the jetty where he was welcomed by a cheering crowd.

The former Egyptian army officer has been planning his dive for 2 years with his team at the H2O Divers diving center in Dahab. Smashing the previous record by South African diver Nuno Gomes who reached the depth of 318.25 meters in 2005, was Gabr's dream for 4 years.

For more details, read Egypt record-breaking diver: How did he go down the deepest?


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