Egyptian comedian Youssef Eid dies at 66

Ahram Online, Monday 22 Sep 2014

Youssef Eid, Egyptian theatre and film actor, known for many poignant supporting roles, passed away on Monday morning

Youssef Eid
Youssef Eid (Photo: Ahram archives)

Youssef Eid, the famous Egyptian film and theatre actor, has passed away aged 66.

Eid was born in November 1948 to a working class family in Cairo's Gamaleya neighbourhood.

Throughout his career, he cooperated with many big names of the Egyptian stage and screen such as: Fouad El-Mohandes, Ahmed Zaki, Farid Shawki, Adel Imam, Mohamed Henedy, Nabila Ebeid, Hesham Selim, Wahid Seif, among others.

Eid is best known for the many supporting roles in which he managed to create poignant characters.

On theatre stages, he is well remembered for performing the role of a musician in a band in Mohamed Ali Street, one of the most important theatre plays starring iconic actors such as Farid Shawki and Sherihan, staged between 1991 and 1995.

Though he was already well-recognised prior to Mohamed Ali Street, it was this play that brought an important shift in Eid's career, landing him widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike. In the following years he made many memorable appearances in films and on the television.

His drew wide praise for his last role in the comedy El-Harb El-Alameya El-Thaletha (World War Three, 2014), in which he portrays Bob Marley and acts alongside Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged and Chico. 

Hitting the cinemas during the Eid holidays, the film continues to be very well-received. It grossed LE4 million (over USD 570,000) in its first week in cinemas and has earned roughly LE30 million (USD 4.2 million) to date, topping the Egyptian box office.

The decision to cast Eid in the role of Bob Marley was also linked to his singing talent, which he also showcased in Al-Tagroba Al-Denmarkeya (The Danish Experience, 2003) in which he acted alongside Egyptian superstar Adel Imam.

Among Eid's other well-recognised roles are those in comedy movies: Khamsa Bab (1983), El Nazer (2000), Film Sakafi (2001), Bobbos (2009), Ellembi 8 Gega (2010), Al Kabeer TV series (2010) among others.

Eid passed away at his home due to sudden heart attack, on Monday morning.

The wake ceremony details are yet to be announced.

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