Emerging Directors Selection

Ahram Online, Thursday 6 Nov 2014

Emerging Directors

A selection of first films by emerging directors at the seventh Panorama of the European Film in Cairo


A young British soldier is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a terrifying riot on the streets of Belfast in 1971. Unable to tell friend from foe, the raw recruit must survive the night alone and find his way to safety through a disorienting, alien and deadly landscape.

Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2014
Director: Yann Demange
Starring: Jack O'Connell, Sam Reid, Sean Harris
Genre: Action, Drama
Running time: 99min
Language: English
Subtitles: Arabic

Awards & Screenings:
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Special Mention – Berlin IFF 2014

'71 - Official Trailer

Barbarians (Varvari)

A depiction of Serbian youth in a time of economic and moral demise. Told through the character of Luka, a small town football hooligan, the film tells a story about manipulation of troubled youth using hatred and deception, which result in a display of their rage during Kosovo protest in Belgrade.

Country:  Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia
Year: 2014
Director: Ivan Ikic
Starring: Željko Marković, Nenad Petrović “Flash”, Jasna Djuričić, Mirko Vlahović
Genre: Drama
Running time: 87min
Language: Serbian, English
Subtitles: English

Awards & Screenings:
Special Mention (East of the West Competition) - Karlovy Vary IFF 2014

Barbarians Trailer

Before Snowfall (FørSnøen Faller)

Before Snowfall is a road movie that becomes an odyssey from East to West for young Siyar, a village boy from Iraqi-Kurdistan. His journey begins when his older sister, Nermin, flees her wedding. Siyar's father is dead, and as the eldest son, he is obliged to set out to find his sister and restore his family honour. Travelling with a girl met in Istanbul, the journey through Greece, Germany and Norway makes Siyar's search for his sister a search for dignity and love.

Country:  Norway, Germany
Year: 2013
Director: Hisham Zaman
Starring: Taher Abdullah Taher, Suzan Ilir, Bahar Özen, Nazmi Kirik, Birol Unel, Muafaq Rushdie
Genre: Drama
Running time:105min
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English

Awards & Screenings:
Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film - Göteborg IFF 2013
Best Supporting Actress - Amanda Awards 2013
Best Cinematography & Narrative Feature - Tribeca IFF 2013

Before Snawfall - Official Trailer

Class Enemy (RazredniSovraznik)

Due to a huge difference in the way they perceive life, the relationship between students and their new German language teacher becomes critically tense. When one of the students commits suicide, her classmates accuse the teacher of being responsible for her death. The realisation that things are not so black and white comes too late.

Country: Slovenia
Year: 2013
Director: Rok Bicek
Starring: Igor Samobor, Natasa Barbara Gracner, Tjasa Zeleznik
Genre: Drama
Running time: 112 min
Language: Slovenian, German
Subtitles: English

Awards & Screenings:
Fedeora Award for Best Film – Venice IFF 2013
Nominated International Debut Award – Göteborg IFF 2014
Grand Prix, FIPRESCI Award, Best Actor - Bratislava IFF 2013

Class Enemy - Official Trailer

The Gambler (Losejas)

Paramedic Vincentas is a passionate gambler, who is forced to make radical decisions to pay his debts. An idea strikes Vincentas to create an illegal game related to his profession. Love, life and death will be at stake.

Country:  Lithuania, Latvia
Year: 2013
Director: Ignas Jonynas
Starring: Vytautas Kaniušonis, Oona Mekas, Romuald Lavrynoič, Jonas Vaitkus
Genre: Drama
Running time: 109min
Language: Lithuanian
Subtitles: English

Awards & Screenings:
Special Jury Award - Warsaw IFF 2013
Silver Dolphin for Best Script - FestroiaIFF 2014

The Gambler - Official Trailer


Everything happens in one single night. Any given night for him. But a key night for her. And even though they don't know it, after that only night they will be tied up forever.

Country: Spain
Year: 2013
Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Starring: Javier Pereira, Aura Garrido
Genre: Drama
Running time: 90min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Awards & Screenings:
Goya for Best New Actor –Goya Awards 2014
Best Director, Best Actress, Best New Screenwriter, Special Mention Critics Jury and Signis Prize for Best Picture - Malaga Spanish FF 2013
CEC Award for Best New Director, Best New Actor, Best Actress – Cinema Writers Circle Awards 2014

Stockholm - Official Trailer

Kebab & Horoscope (Kebab I Horoskop)

A group of misfits from a carpet shop have a chance to change their lives with the help of two marketing experts – an ex-kebab shop worker and ex-fortune teller from a wildlife magazine.

Country: Poland
Year: 2014
Director: Grzegorz Jaroszuk
Starring: Bartłomiej Topa, Piotr Żurawski, Tomek Schuchardt
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 72 min
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English

Awards & Screenings:
Nominated for East of West Award – Karlovy Vary IFF 2014
Jury Prize for Best Debut Feature – Raindance FF 2014

Kebab Horoscopes



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