Egyptian militants pledge allegiance to IS during Cairo trial

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Tuesday 16 Jun 2015

The defendants are being tried for committing terrorist acts in the case known as Zawahri case.

Defendants in the so-called Zawahri case pledged allegiance to Islamic State during their trial in Cairo on Tuesday.

"I announce my allegiance, along with Adel Habara, to Abu-Bakr El-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader," cried Ammar Ali Ramadan, a defendant in the case. "Soon we will see him ruling this country," he added.

The defendants are accused of managing a terrorist organisation aimed at declaring the state “infidel,” forcefully a change of regime, opposing the government using weapons, and targeting officers and institutions of the army and police.

They are also accused of targeting Coptic Christians and their holy places, of committing terrorist acts in order to spread chaos in the country, and exposing society to danger.

Adel Habara is a militant who is being retried after his death sentence was revoked on Saturday in the separate ‘Rafah second massacre case’.

Habara's name hit the headlines when he was accused of carrying out an execution-style killing of 25 policemen in an ambush in August 2013. 

He was arrested in August 2013 in the North Sinai town of Al-Arish.

Jihadist groups Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis and Jund Al-Khilafa in Egypt announced their allegiance to the IS group on 30 June and 23 September 2014 respectively.

Militants have killed hundreds of police and army personnel in the past year and a half in North Sinai, while the authorities have announced that hundreds of militants have been killed in military campaigns in the governorate.

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