US, allies target Islamic State in Syria, Iraq with 24 air strikes: US military

Reuters , Thursday 13 Aug 2015

US-led forces conducted 12 air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria on Wednesday and also targeted the group with 12 strikes in Iraq, the US military said on Thursday.

Strikes in Syria were concentrated near Al Hasakah, where five hit tactical units and destroyed fighting positions and a vehicle, the military said in a statement. There also were two strikes near Abu Kamal, three near Aleppo and two near Kobani, according to the statement released by the Joint Coalition Task Force.

US-led forces hit Islamic State targets in Iraq, the statement said. Two strikes near Ramadi hit a tactical unit and destroyed buildings, vehicles and a recoilless rifle, while two near Haditha destroyed mortar systems, a building and a vehicle, it said. Aircraft also hit targets near Al Baghdadi, Bayji, Kirkuk, Makhmur, Mosul, Sinjar and Tal Afar, it said.

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