Budapest station opens, but not for refugee migrants

Amina Zaineldine , Tuesday 1 Sep 2015

Keleti station had been shut down in response to huge numbers of displaced people seeking access

Migrants wait in front of the Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, after the police stopped them from getting on a train to Germany and evacuated the station (Photo: AP)

Budapest's main train station has been re-opened for regular travelers after being shut down due to the large numbers of refugee migrants using it to reach Western Europe.

According to German newspaper Die Zeit, Hungarian police are still blocking the displaced people from entering. They remain outside the Keleti station.

The station was evacuated and closed by Hungarian police on Tuesday morning and the train schedule was stopped.

The refugee migrants at the station were attempting to gain passage to Austria and Germany.

The migrants at Keleti station held protests, chanting "Germany! Germany!" and "We want to leave!"

Hungary has become a flashpoint in Europe's refugee migrant crisis due to its convenient position as gateway for migrants heading on to other EU countries such as Germany.

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