Refugee quotas: How many will EU countries take?

AFP , Wednesday 9 Sep 2015

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker addresses the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, September 9, 2015 (Photo: Reuters)

The European Commission president unveiled a major plan Wednesday for the bloc's refugee crisis, including compulsory quotas for relocating asylum seekers from overstretched frontline states.

Jean-Claude Juncker's new plan covers 120,000 refugees currently in Greece, Hungary and Italy. He also urged the EU to back an earlier plan to relocate another 40,000 from Italy and Greece.

Here are the figures released today by the Commission for the 120,000. In total 54,000 will be moved from Hungary, 50,400 from Greece and 15,600 from Italy:

Austria: 3,640

Belgium: 4,564

Bulgaria: 1,600

Croatia: 1,064

Cyprus: 274

Czech Republic: 2,978

Estonia: 373

Finland: 2,398

France: 24,031

Germany: 31,443

Latvia: 526

Lithuania: 780

Luxembourg: 440

Malta: 133

Netherlands: 7,214

Poland: 9,287

Portugal: 3,074

Romania: 4,646

Slovakia: 1,502

Slovenia: 631

Spain: 14,931

Sweden: 4,469

Under EU treaties, Britain and Ireland can decide to participate in the plan if they choose, while Denmark has an opt-out without the possibility to take part.

The quotas are worked out according to the country's GDP (40 percent), population (40 percent), unemployment rate (10 percent) and already-processed asylum applications.

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