Salafist Nour Party to run for two party-based electoral districts in upcoming elections

Ahram Online , Saturday 12 Sep 2015

The decision of Nour Party to run in only two electoral districts is explained by party heads as being in the interests of partnership with other national forces

Younis Makhioun
Salafist Nour Party chairman Younis Makhioun (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The ultra-conservative Salafist Nour Party announced on Friday it is going to run only for two party-based electoral lists in the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to an official statement by the party.

Younis Makhyoun, head of the party, said that the party has decided to run for the Cairo and East and South Delta district, and West Delta district.

The party will be running for 45 seats in the Cairo and East and South Delta (six governorates) district. It will run for 15 seats in the West Delta (three governorates) district.

The party reasoned that their decision to run for two party based districts only, instead of four, was to “establish the principle of real partnership between all national forces, especially in the critical time that the country is in."

The party added that the decision was made to “spread fair competition.”

Competition for party-based seats is confined to four districts with 120 seats: two with 45 seats each and two with 15 seats each.

The two districts with 45 seats each include Cairo and East and South Delta (six governorates) and North, Middle and South Upper Egypt (11 governorates). 

The other two districts with 15 seats each include East Delta (seven governorates) and West Delta (three governorates).

Egypt's new parliament will comprise 596 MPs, with 448 independents and 120 party-based deputies. As many as 28 MPs will be appointed by the president.

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