Egypt's CPA bans Etisalat ad for promoting domestic abuse

Randa Ali , Sunday 4 Oct 2015

The now banned ad shows a father slapping his son for demanding to know where his old SIM card is

A still image from Etisalat's controversial ad

A recent Etisalat ad has been banned by the Egyptian Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) over what it described as abusive content, the authority's head told Ahram Online.

"The ad encourages domestic violence and contradicts customs and traditions," head of the CPA Atef Yacoub said.

The ad shows a son grieving by the side of his father's bed as the father appears to be taking his last breath. The son tells his father about his treasured memories of them together before asking about the location of an old SIM card, as Etisalat provides free minutes in exchange for used SIM cards.

The father responds by frowning and slapping the son.

According to Yacoub, the ad violates the "decree for specification standards", which aims to "protect consumers' rights to personal dignity and respect for religious values, customs, and traditions."

"We called the company and asked them to stop the ad before we take further measures and they assured us that they will contact TV channels to have it taken off the air," Yacoub said.

In June, an ad for potato chips, also featuring a father slapping his son, was taken off the air by the CPA over its abusive content.

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