Parallel demonstration against that in Tahrir planned for Friday in Cairo

Ahram Online , Thursday 14 Jul 2011

Call goes out on Facebook for march from Roxy Square to the military council's nearby headquarters in support of its handling of Egypt and against 'foreign funded' entities

A call for a parallel demonstration in Cairo’s Roxy Square to that in Tahrir Square on Friday has come out on Facebook. The event is planned to march to the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) against the continued sit-in in Tahrir.

A statement released by the Sawasiya Legal Centre, which has initiated the call, declares that the sit-in in Tahrir Square “imposes the demands of a minor category that does not represent the majority of the Egyptian people.” The statement goes on to denounce the “shameless attempts that seek to create division between the people and their military forces.”

The statement adds that the proposed Roxy demonstration will stress on the demands that are “agreed upon by the Egyptian public,” such as supporting the military council in running the transitional period, since the public has “rejected” drafting a constitution before the elections and the “suspicious calls for an unelected presidential council.” The demonstration will also demand the identification of any “entities or persons or coalitions that have received any foreign funding,” calling for military trials for those who will be proven to have “used the funding for detrimental purposes to Egypt’s security.”

Some of the other demands declared in the statement include the provision of legislation to penalise the spreading of rumours across the media, as well as revealing the identities of those who have attacked Egyptian prisons with “foreign arms,” punishing corrupt police officials, encouraging production and reviving tourism.

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