Egyptian police officer El-Batran was killed by a single shot rifle: Alleged official forensic report

Zeinab El Gundy, Wednesday 20 Jul 2011

The Dostour website has claimed that it acquired a copy of the official forensic report of late police Major General Mohamed El-Batran, who died at El-Kat prison on 29 January 2011 under mysterious circumstance

According to the second autopsy report prepared by the orders of an investigative judge and obtained by Al-Dostour website, police Major General Mohamed El-Batran was killed by one shot from above and that bullet was from single shot rifle.

The report confirms the accusations of El-Batran’s family that he wasdeliberately killed by the police officers, and lends support to accusations that the ministry of interior used snipers to kill protesters during the 25 January revolution as, typically, single shot rifles are snipers’ rifles.

Major General Mohamed El-Batran used to head the prison sector in Egypt, and was killed on 29 January 2011 at El-Kat prison in Qalibuiya governorate.

Manal El- Batran, Mohamed's sister, insists that her brother was killed by a police officer from the prison’s tower for refusing to follow the orders of former minister of interior Habib El-Adly to set prisoners free to create chaos and terror in the country as part of Mubarak’s regime's plan of counter revolution.

The current minsiter of interior, Mansour El-Eissawi, denies these charges and is sticking to the ministry's official story, which claims that El-Batran was killed by friendly fire when he was taken hostage by prisoners attempting to escape the prison. 

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