'Belgian' Islamic State fighter urges militants to emulate Paris

Reuters , Monday 23 Nov 2015

A Islamic State fighter identified as Belgian urged his "brothers" abroad to follow the example of the Paris attacks, which he praised for bringing havoc to France, an Islamic State video published on Monday showed.

"I am addressing a message to my brothers who have stayed behind, oh my brothers, fear Allah and follow the example of those brothers who upturned France in a few hours," the fighter said in French.

Identified by the nom de guerre "Abu Qatada al-Beljiki" (the Belgian), the fighter said the Paris attacks had made millions cry but brought joy to "the faithful."

He was shown with a face covered by a white scarf standing in front of other masked fighters holding rifles. The video's logo suggested it had been filmed in eastern Syria, where Islamic State controls the Deir al-Zor province bordering Iraq.

The video, distributed on jihadist websites, also featured Tajik and Algerian fighters praising the Paris attacks.

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