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Radar test underway before search for Nefertiti in tomb of Tutankhamun

The Ministry of Antiquities is carrying out a trial-run on the walls of KV5 to test the accuracy of the Japanese radar before using it inside Tutankhamun's tomb

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 26 Nov 2015
Japanese radar
The ministry of antiquities is carrying out a trial on the walls of KV5 to test the Japanese radar before using it inside Tutankhamun's tomb on Thursday 26 Nov. 2015 (Photo: Nevine El-Aref)

Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty and British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves are conducting a test-run before exploring a hypothesis by Reeves that the remains of Queen Nefertiti are buried in a hidden chamber in the tomb of boy-king Tutankhamun in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings.

The search team, which includes Egyptian and Japanese radar experts, is using the tomb of King Ramses II's sons (KV5) to test the radar’s accuracy before going through with the scanning of the north and west walls of King Tutankhamun's burial chamber.

Eldamaty told Ahram Online that the KV5 tomb was chosen because of its maze of corridors and chambers, the contents of which are already known. Some chambers of KV5 are filled with sand, while others are empty or contain solid walls.

"Thank God all the results given by the radar are correct," asserted Eldamaty, adding that tonight the radar will be set up in Tutankhamun's burial chamber to conduct the main search.


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