5,000 births in Jordan camp for Syria refugees since 2013

AP , Tuesday 1 Mar 2016

The UN Population Fund said Tuesday that its clinic in Jordan's largest camp for Syrian refugees has safely delivered more than 5,000 babies since opening in 2013.

Daniel Baker, the fund's regional humanitarian coordinator, said the clinic also offers family planning, including spacing of births, but that the pace of deliveries has been steady.

The clinic hit the mark of 5,000 births several days ago, he said.

The Zaatari camp, home to about 79,000 refugees, was established in 2012, a year after the outbreak of the Syria conflict. Jordan houses a total of 635,000 Syrian refugees, out of 4.7 million in the region.

Many Zaatari residents come from rural areas with traditionally large families. Refugees live in trailers and survive on cash and food aid. Jordan bars most refugees from legal work.c

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