Another batch of artefacts transferred to the GEM

Nevine El-Aref , Tuesday 3 May 2016

A collection of 1199 artefacts was transferred from Alexandria archaeological galleries to the Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking Giza Plateau.

Eissa inspecting the objects in Alexandria (Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities)

In an attempt to transfer all the objects planed to be exhibited at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) to be subjected to restoration before being permanently on display, a collection of 1199 artefacts from Mariya and Mostafa Kamel archaeological galleries was selected and transported.

Tarek Tawfik Supervisor General of the GEM announced adding that  most of the objects are from the New Kingdom and the Greaco-Roman era.  Among them are artefacts from the sunken city of Heraclion unearthed by a French Egyptian mission during the 1990s.

ancient Egyptian royal head from Heraclion (Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities)

Eissa Zidan Director General of Restoration Department at the GEM told Ahram Online that among the objects transferred are a royal colossus and a collection of sphinxes carved in red granite and a collection of arrows. The objects arrived safely at the GEM and are now subjected to restoration.

Royal head (Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities)

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