Egyptian university students start their own revolution

Ahram Online, Tuesday 13 Sep 2011

University campuses around Egypt are witnessing mini-revolutions, as the students press to remove deans appointed by Mubarak regime and demand democratic elections

Students protest at Cairo University (Photo by: Mai Shaheen)
Students protest at Cairo University (Photo by: Mai Shaheen)

Hundreds of Egyptian students demonstrated, Tuesday, in a number of universities around Egypt to demand the sacking of university deans who were appointed by Mubarak's regime.

The national student union arranged the demonstrations today in solidarity with university professors who announced an open-ended strike earlier this week. The professors complain that Egypt’s ruling military council and interim government have not met their demands, which include fair elections for all major faculty positions and replacing all those who were appointed before the revolution.

The one-day protests that caught momentum in at least four universities (Cairo, Alexandria, Ain-Shams and Mansoura) are only the beginning of a student movement that are expected to escalate in the coming days.

"We don't want a spy dean," chanted the students in Cairo University, wary of deans who facilitate police intimidation by giving information on students and campus movements.

More than one thousand protesters marched around the campus. The same university witnessed the longest sit-in in the history of Egypt's students’ movements when students and professors demanded the expulsion of the dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Sami Abdel Aziz. As a prominent figure in Mubarak's National Democratic Party, he was no longer welcomed post-revolution. However, after the more than a month long sit-in Abdel Aziz did not resign.

Seventeen students' societies participated in today's protests, including 6th of April , Muslim Brotherhood, Kefaya students, socialist students and nationalist students.

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