Clinton: Trump makes 'bizarre rants,' tells 'outright lies'

AP , Sunday 5 Jun 2016

Clinton , Trump
Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump "doesn't really have ideas" but "makes bizarre rants and engages in personal feuds and outright lies."

Clinton is likely to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination in the next few days, and she's taking direct aim at Trump as she tries to move past challenger Bernie Sanders.

She tells ABC's "This Week" that people around the world aren't used to seeing an American presidential candidate who's "so loose with the truth, so divisive."

Clinton is just 60 delegates short of the 2,383 needed to advance to the November general election, according to The Associated Press' count. Puerto Rico holds its primary Sunday and 60 delegates are at stake.

On Tuesday, six states — including New Jersey and California — vote, with 694 delegates up for grabs.

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