Egypt thwarts 445 people attempting to 'illegally migrate' via coast

Ahram Online , Friday 10 Jun 2016

Egypt's army spokesman said on Friday that border guards and navy forces had thwarted "illegal immigration attempts" by 445 people from the country's north coast, without specifying the date of the incidents.

In an official statement, army spokesman Mohamed Samir said forces in the port city of Rosetta were able to prevent a boat carrying 267 people from departing.

The fishing boat included people of different nationalities, including 24 Egyptians, 64 Sudanese, 71 Comorans, 50 Somalis, 37 Ethiopians, and 21 Eritreans. Two trucks carrying five Egyptians were also halted.

East of Rosetta, the Egyptian forces also foiled attempts to migrate in Burullus by 124 people –including 52 Egyptians, 27 Ethiopians, 21 Somalis, 12 Yemenis, 10 Sudanese, 4 Eritreans, a Comoran, a Liberian, and a Gambian.

In Alexandria, 54 people, including 36 Egyptians and 13 Ethiopians, were also stopped before they could sail off the coast.

Attempts by 121 people to migrate irregularly, including 86 Egyptians and 34 Sudanese and a Libyan were also foiled, Samir said without specifying their location.

In recent years, thousands of refugees and migrants have attempted to cross the Mediterranean. Hundreds have been arrested in Egypt for attempting to exit the country irregularly.

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