Natural deaths among Egyptian pilgrims in hajj climbs to 35: MENA

ِAhram Online, Thursday 15 Sep 2016

Over 80,000 Egyptian pilgrims are performing the hajj this year

File photo of Muslim pilgrims pray around the holy Kaaba during their final circling at the Grand Mosque during the annual hajj pilgrimage in Mecca October 6, 2014. (Photo: Reuters)

The number of Egyptian pilgrims who died of natural causes during the hajj in Saudi Arabia reached 35 cases Thursday, state news agency MENA reported.

The deceased pilgrims will be buried in Saudi Arabia, after Egyptian authorities consulted with their families, the news agency added, quoting the head of Egypt's Hajj mission Said Maher.

Over 80,000 Egyptian pilgrims are performing the hajj this year.

The hajj and the lesser umrah pilgrimages bring millions of Muslims to Saudi Arabia from around the globe every year.

The death of pilgrims due to heat exhaustion, fatigue and other natural causes is a regular occurrence on the hajj.

Fatal crowd stampedes are also common due to the high number of people along the pilgrimage route.

Saudi authorities have undertaken new safety measures after more than 2,000 died in a stampede last year including pilgrims wearing electronic safety bracelets.

One of the five pillars of Islam, the hajj is considered an obligation by all Muslims who can afford the costly and difficult trip at least once in a lifetime.

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