US voices concern over shadowy 'Libyan National Guard' group

AP , Saturday 11 Feb 2017

The United States says it has "serious concern" about the emergence of a security force claiming to be the "Libyan National Guard" in the city of Tripoli.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner says "numerous tactical vehicles" from the organization have entered Tripoli. He says the deployment could further destabilize Tripoli's fragile security.

Toner says the Islamic State group "and other terrorist groups" benefit when there's disunity and lack of coordination among Libyan forces.

The U.S. says Libya must build "a unified national military force" under civilian control that can protect all Libyans.

Local Libyan media have said the group calling itself the Libyan National Guard is not linked to political parties and claims to be independent. The group reportedly aims to fight IS, combat illegal immigration and address arms trafficking.

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