Egypt’s Al-Bawabah newspaper 'surprised' at confiscation of Monday edition

Ahram Online , Monday 10 Apr 2017

Abdel Rehim Aly
File Photo: Abdel Rehim Aly (Photo by Ahram)

In a statement published on Sunday, Al-Bawabah newspaper expressed its surprise and outrage at the decision to confiscate its Monday issue, in which it pointed to “security failure" in relation to the bombing of two Coptic Orthodox churches that left dozens dead and scores injured on Palm Sunday.

Al-Bawabah’s editor Abdo El-Nasr told Al-Ahram Arabic website that the newspaper's management speaking with officials to try and secure the release of the banned issue, saying "it contains nothing threatening to national security".

“We openly declared that what happened at the two churches, in our opinion, is a major security lapse and we must hold accountable those responsible, changing the current strategy in combating terrorism,” the statement read.

It continued that the newspaper was surprised at the decision to confiscate the issue at the printing house without any explanation provided by officials.

The statement demanded the removal of Interior Minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar in the wake of the deadly bombings.

The newspaper is headed by its founder MP and journalist Abdel-Rehim Aly, a strong opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's administration.

The two blasts at Tanta's Mar Girgis Church and Alexandria's St Mark's Cathedral, where Pope Tawadros II was leading a Palm Sunday service, killed over 40 people and injured more than 100 in the deadliest attack targeting Copts in years.

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