Exploring Cairo: Five places to enjoy Eid in the city

Samar Nasr, Friday 23 Jun 2017

If you have not yet made plans for the Eid holiday, take a look at our ideas for handy and accessible adventures in Cairo

Horse riding is fun at Maryanne's farm. (Photo: Courtsey of http://www.alsorat.com)

Within a few hours, the long awaited Eid al-Fitr break  will start, and if you haven't thought of ideas to entertain yourselves, your friends and families, Ahram Online has prepared a list for how to enjoy and explore Cairo without breaking the bank.

Stuck in Cairo because you were not invited to book a holiday, or you cannot afford it or simply because you prefer to enjoy the city at its quietest and travel some other time, Ahram Online has your back on the best the city has to offer.

Deregen horse-riding at Nazlet El Seman by the pyramids

1 Deregen

This horseback riding school near Nazlet Al Seman in the Pyramids area is open 24 hours a day. For reservations you can send a message on their Facebook page on or call them at 01023182049. Along with riding horses in the desert, you can enjoy their special tea, made using firewood. Two hours of riding and two drinks runs about 120 EGP per person. 

South Bay Nubian folklore show is fun for kids and adults.

2 SouthBay Egypt

Here you can enjoy the Nubian show, at 25 Cairo-Suez road, approximately two kilometres from El Shorouk city. This place is great for families, especially kids as it features a children's programme during Eid, including Aragid dance, a puppet show, animation team and horseback riding. Tickets run EGP 60 per person, and children younger than four get in free.

Singing and dancing with colourful Nubian outfits at South Bay.

The Pharaonic village is an unforgettable experience especially for kids. (Photo: Courtsey of the Pharaonic village)

3 Pharonic Village

This is a fun spot, especially for kids enchanted by the history of ancient Egypt. The village boasts what it calls a living museum of Egyptian history and life, with replicas of an ancient village and the tomb of Tutankhamen. Kids can explore and see people dressed as Ancient Egyptians acting out activities like fishing, agriculture, etc.

The village is located on Bahr aazam street, Giza Governorate. Admission includes a village tour, and exhibitions narrating the life of former Egyptian presidents like Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar El Sadat. 

When you set sail down the canals that wind through the island you are immersed totally in the Egypt of history and legend. Everywhere you look, you will find more and more of the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt, It becomes possible to imagine that you have traveled through time to a distant and glorious past. 

Visit their website before you decide to go at http://www.pharaonicvillage.com, or on facebook at https://m.facebook.com/The.pharaonicvillage/

Pharaonic village is the perfect destination to travel back in time and spend a day with the ancient Egyptians. (Photo: Courtsey of the Pharaonic village)

Enjoy One of a Thousand nights show on the National theatre.

4 Egyptian National Theatre

If you are into theatre, you can enjoy this historic art venue in the heart of downtown, near Ataba Square.

This theatre is set to stage Layla Min Alf Layla (One of a Thousand Nights) beginning the second day of Eid and running nine days. The performance is based on the poetry of late Egyptian poet ‪Bayram Al-Tunsi and the music of late Egyptian composer Ahmed Sedki. 

Tickets range from EGP 30 to 100. The show begins at 9:30pm.

5 Maryanne's Farm

This farm is a hidden gem for nature lovers.You can enjoy a peaceful day full of fun here playing with the very friendly dogs, or you can feed and watch the lovely farm animals, including donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, water buffalo, hens, roosters, ducks, geese, turkeys -- you name it. 

The farm also functions as a dog shelter, but please do nott bring your own or any new ones at this time! 

Younger kids will love the safe horseback riding, as the farm provides helmets and supervision, making it fun and safe for small and big kids alike. During warm weather there are also splashing pools set up on the lawn for kids.

The greatest joy of this farm is its very friendly host, the charming Maryanne Gabbani, who makes you feel at home the moment you walk in. Call her at least one day before you visit at 0122 211 8386.

Location: 1.5 km south of Sakkara Country Club just off Mansoureya Road, near the pyramids of Abu Sir, behind the villa of Dr Magdy Agamawi, Esbat El-Hawagat.

Facebook and Website: https://www.facebook.com/AlSoratFarm/ -- http://www.alsorat.com

The team at Ahram Online wishes you a safe and lovely Eid holiday! 

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