Army has't entered Tahrir Square since late August: military police commander

Ahram Online , Thursday 24 Nov 2011

The assertion by Major General Hamdy Badeen's, the head of the military police, that army has not visited Tahrir in three months is contradicted by video footage of his forces attacking protesters inside Square on Sunday

Tahrir square
Army forces beating protesters in Tahrir Square, 20 November 2011, discrediting army general's declaration that troops didn't go to Tahrir since last September. (Photo: Reuters)

Military police commander Major General Hamdy Badeen said no military police have participated in the ongoing Tahrir clashes, and asserted no military police personnel have entered the square since Eid El-Fitr in early September.

Badeen’s statement is contradicted by video footage and eye witness reports published on local and international news networks on Sunday, which show military police attacking civilian protesters inside Tahrir Square.

Speaking on the Good Morning Egypt TV show, Badeen said some TV channels are claiming military police participated in the clashes in order to sew mistrust between the people and armed forces. 

The commander said soldiers from the military zone are protecting the Ministry of Interior but there are no soldiers currently in Tahrir Square.

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