Egyptian airstrikes kill large number of terrorists involved in Western Desert attack

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 31 Oct 2017

Egypt air forces strikes
Egypt's army releases video of participating air forces conducting an operation to strike terrorist hideouts in Western Desert (Photo Courtesy of Egypt armed forces spokesman)

The Egyptian military said on Tuesday it had conducted airstrikes on terrorist hideouts, killing "a large number of terrorists" involved in an attack in the Western Desert that killed 16 policemen earlier this month.

In a statement carried by state-run news agency MENA, the military said it had attacked the hideouts located in a mountainous area of Fayoum governorate, located in the Western Desert.

The strikes destroyed three 4X4 vehicles with large amounts of arms and ammunition, as well as explosive materials.

According to the statement, the military and police were still combing the area to eliminate any terrorists who may have escaped.

On 19 October, terrorists killed 16 policemen and injured 13 others during a firefight in Bahariya Oasis, in the Western Desert.

Tuesday's air assault is the latest step in an ongoing military operation to raid terrorist hideouts following the Western Desert attack. The raids have taken place in remote areas of Giza governorate and several governorates of Upper Egypt.

On Friday, 13 terrorists were killed during a raid by police on an abandoned ranch building located at the 47km mark on the Assiut-Al-Kharga Oasis Highway.

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